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Thread: Handgun Inventory Update

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    08-05-2022-Inventory Update current

    08-05-2022-Inventory Update:

    Our inventory below is in the country.
    Please... on line purchases only, we cannot hold or reserve.

    Glocks arriving Monday/Tuesday at our facility, they will be added to our website in the next few hours, they have already been transferred to our business license.

    Due to the current rush in purchasing, do not check out using the purchase order option with a plan to send an EMT. Product does not come off line until its paid for, so there could be a good chance someone will
    add the same item to a shopping cart and pay via credit card.

    So, in stock at the moment:
    S&W Model 25 6 1/2" Blue 45 Colt $1599.95
    S&W Model 27 6 1/2" Blue .357 Magnum $1699.95
    S&W Model 29 6 1/2" Blue 44 Magnum $1839.95
    S&W Model 57 6" Blue 41 Magnum $1599.95
    S&W Model 69 Combat Magnum 4.25" 44 Mag $1399.95
    S&W Model 686 Deluxe .357 Magnum 6" SS $1469.95
    Ruger Wrangler .22LR $319.00
    Steyr L9-A2 MF 9x19 $849.95
    Colt 1911 Comp Series - 5 Inch - 45 ACP $1749.95
    Colt 1911 Competition SS 9mm $1829.95
    S&W Performance Center SW1911 4.25" $2349.95
    CZ Shadow 2 Orange 9mm $2669.95
    CZ TS 2 Racing Green 9mm $2249.95
    CZ TS 2 $1529.95
    CZ 75 B Convertible (Omega) $999.95
    CZ 75 BD $999.95
    CZ 75 Surplus 9x19 $749.95
    CZ P-09 Kadet .22LR $634.95
    Beretta 92S Surplus 9x19 $499.95
    Walther P1 9mm 4.9" Police Leather Holster $749.95
    Glock G22P .40 S&W Practice $549.00
    B&T GHM9-G Compact SA Carbine cal. 9 x 19 mm $2190.00
    P320 M17 Siglite with Manual Safety Black $899.95
    Glock G44
    Glock G17 MOS Gen5
    Glock G17 GEN 5
    Glock G19 GEN4
    Glock G31 GEN4
    Glock G34 MOS GEN4
    Glock G21SF GEN3
    Glock G41 MOS GEN4
    Glock 35 G35 MOS GEN 4

    Click the banner below to see inventory

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    F5 f5 f5

    Thanks guys got a pair of G44s for my boys! The website wont let me update my account with my pal info. Can I email or PM you?
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    Lol flocks are flying…

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    Got a G44....yippee.

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    ~~~Message deleted~~~

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0xyy View Post
    I had the same issue as well. Tried multiple browsers, no go.

    That's 1 more glock I wasn't planning on buying thanks to the turd's ban.
    I had that same trouble about 5 months ago.

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    Is there a way we can pay by EMT to get one?

    Take my money
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