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Thread: Calgary Shooting Center Let me down, big time.

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    Calgary Shooting Center Let me down, big time.

    Now, I know things have been beyond crazy for firearms retailers since Turdo dropped his handgun bomb on Canadians, and I do sympathise with their situation. That being said, I'm finding it difficult to accept the raw screwing I've just endured by the folks at Calgary Shooting Center. I ordered one on only two M&P9 pistols I could find available online THE NIGHT THE HANDGUN FREEZE WAS ANNOUNCED. Since receiving an e-mail the following day confirming my order, I have heard NOTHING from CSC until today, despite sending multiple messages and e-mails asking about my order. That leads me to today, when I get a phone call advising me "they don't have the pistol I ordered". Of course, this three week delay erases any chance I'll have to actually get another new pistol of this type (that can share the multitude of equipment I already have for my current M&P9) and leaves me high and dry. Needless to say, my opinion of CSC is less than impressed, and I will never give them any kind of business again, and would caution anyone from dealing with them in the future. If you've already ordered a pistol from them, I would make an effort to contact them, as they don't seem willing to honour current orders.
    I don't like writing ####-posts like this, but felt the community deserves to be warned about such business practices, especially in the current frenzied climate.
    CSC fan boys and apologists need not reply, I'm not here for a discussion, just to make a statement.
    Good luck to you all, and hope your firearm search goes better than mine.
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    I don’t think your the only person it has happened to and I don’t think CSC is the only shop that has did it. It was a free for all and everyone was overwhelmed. Most online stores can’t handle the volume and traffic which has happened in the last few weeks. It’s compounded when you have a store front. It has happened to me before. I went to pay for a item I have in my hand and someone online bought it and paid for it and the store employee is running around the store trying to find it to process the order. I got to the till and they said that is sold and they don’t have any more.

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    Unfortunately it’s becoming the norm. Exact same scenario from cabelas and RDSC for me in the past month. Very frustrating and nothing you can do about it.
    Customer service has become absolute crap under this woke liberal entitled veil that has be cast over Canada.
    I bet they don’t jerk you around when it’s time to collect your free drugs in BC or when cashing whatever free money cheque the feds have sent out.

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    not handgun related but i contacted them months ago a few times regarding some Rizzini shotguns they had and never heard back once so I just bypass them now. And I know some guys will say 'pick up the phone' but my opinion is then they shouldn't suggest we send them an email if we have question if they don't plan on responding. The Rizzini I was interested in was over $4k and I wanted pictures of the actual gun they had, not website file photes, so I don't think my request was unreasonable.

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    Wolverine supplies posted a few day ago they had some in stock that aren’t posted online. Give them a call.
    Link to thread:

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    Their website vs actual stock really sucks. I had same issue when purchasing a rifle and mag before the 18th May NR debacle.
    Took a while to get sorted (thanks to a fellow named Brett who did what he could to help) but wound up costing me money for shipping when I had to make a second order later on.

    That second order for a missing mag (that again showed as in stock 3 weeks later so I ordered it) is now delayed as the item was not in stock and is now en-route to them from Stoeger.
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    You know originally I ordered my one dream handgun… then I realized this would probably happen, so I ordered 6 total from different retailers. 3/6 emailed me anytime from 14-20 days later telling me they didn’t actually have the handguns even though they charged my cards immediately.

    Thankfully to say I have the transfer numbers for 2.. so thank god I ordered extras.
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    Thanks for the post, folks need to know that Cdn "dealers" need to earn our business. Good luck.
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    Perhaps one of their employees bought it cash in hand

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    Lol… you bought multiple of the same gun to ensure you were going to get it…. I like the way you do business, yes I am being serious

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