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Thread: NEW Magazine Release for Kidd 10/22 Trigger Packs from Dlask Arms Corp.

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    NEW Magazine Release for Kidd 10/22 Trigger Packs from Dlask Arms Corp.

    We changed the lever profile of our new 10/22 mag release so it fits the Kidd brand of trigger packs. This allows you to actuate the bolt hold open feature of the pack without having to fiddle around with the silly little sheet metal tab on the auto bolt release itself. Simply push the spring loaded tab on the front of the mag release and voila. This feature is just one of the innovative new products from us here at Dlask Arms Corp., your premier Canadian 10/22 variant rifle maker.

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    Dlask Arms Corp.

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    Looks slick! When will you be getting more of the single-stage Kidd triggers in black?
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    Very cool indeed. At this rate you guys will have more of my money than I do.
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    Ordered!!! I like to see inovation like this!

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    That looks really good! Excited to try it out on my new custom Tuff 22.

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