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Thread: Great service

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    Jun 2022

    Great service

    First time customer,
    2 emails and a phone call resulted in my order shipping the same day and for cheaper shipping than I expected.
    Absolutely top notch store.
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    Great, and I’m an understanding customer but can’t back it up. After I purchased a 45 Colt Uberti, several unanswered emails I had a nice phone call. Then , after waiting almost 4 months for my Uberti 45 I got a 357 Uberti. Ok , in this craziness… I get it. But the purpose was to use this 45 with another 45 I have coming for Cowboy Action Shooting… Nice gun and you shipped quickly but it’s the wrong caliber after all.
    Under normal circumstances I would ask to exchange but so I guess I make it work…
    My advice… attention to detail!

    … got a great follow up call today! ��
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