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Thread: Where to take PAL course and test in Victoria BC

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    Where to take PAL course and test in Victoria BC

    okay so ive done some searching but i havent been able to find much
    so could someone pleeease direct me to where a person can take The PAL course and do the PAL test in or very near victoria bc
    going to vancouver isnt too practical for me

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    I'm not sure if the Victoria Fish and Game put on any courses but the Cowichan Fish and Game Assoc in Duncan will be hosting several courses in the near future. We are just waiting for the instructor courses before we can begin the training. I will be posting more details when we know some dates for certain.
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    Imperium, try MD Charlton in Brentwood Bay. I don't know if they still run the courses there but I took one there about 5 years ago or so.

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    The better half and I both took our CFSC/CRFSC with Dave DeGrassi. He's a knowledgeable, friendly guy and is located about two minutes off the highway in Langford. He's an IPSC shooter, but not a hunter if that makes any difference to you. I'd definitely recommend him.

    As I recall, the course was Tues-Fri, three hours each night and ran about $150 or so.

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    I took my course from another Langford/Glen Lake fellow, Rick Mitchell (ex-Vic City Police and SVI Rangers guy). Here's a list from the NFA website, don't know how current it is. I recall that Island Outfitters on Douglas St. has printed lists of current area instructors as well.


    A072R David Michaud - 389-8897 M/AB/ALT
    A110R Roger Wright - 478-2739
    A021R Wayne Coleman - 658-8843 M
    A042R James Goguen - 474-4595 EX
    A129R Robin Ogilvie - 472-1894
    A135R Rick Mitchell - 478-3508
    A098R Tim Towers - 474-1267
    B025R Ken Cornish - 656-7885 M/ALT
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