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Thread: More pistols arriving next week

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    Jul 2022
    I am very interested in a S&W M&P 9 M2.0 Pistol, can you tell me the Model Number you are selling? Thank you!

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    Stupid question but did anyone else but marstar order the walther PDP pro sd?

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    Will anything in .45 ACP be showing up before the ban? I can't seem to find any stock anywhere!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toogun View Post
    Transfers seemed to stop completely in Ontario. Been waiting over 9 weeks now and told that it’s still under review . Meanwhile purchases that I made after those have been approved, shipped and I’ve had them for weeks. With Ontario having a population of 14+ millions and Canada’s population being 38 million it’s easy to see that we are probably getting the bulk of transfer requests. But things were going along albeit slowly then…NOTHING! I haven’t had an approval from private sales or business sales in weeks. I don’t about others but it seems like somebody put a stop to transfers.
    I’ve had 1 store purchase and 1 private both within Ontario approved. It’s sloooowwwwww but still happening.

    Meanwhile I’m still waiting on two sale authorizations and two more retailer purchases (1 ON 1 AB).

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    We just secured a bunch more

    CZ P-10 F c.9MM 4.5 BBL BLACK
    GIRSAN MC 9 STANDARD Black 9mm Pol. Pistol 4.25
    Marstar Canada

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