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Thread: DoubleTap sports compromised my CC

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    Quote Originally Posted by OkayShooter View Post
    You mean the Chinese app? with tones of spyware and trackers. Mom had a Grocery store sell her info.
    I knew people would question the app now.

    so no it's not chinese $hitty app.
    It's speedpass+ and gas station is esso. and I have been doing that for the last 2 years.
    So happy now?

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    I posed in another thread that your card can be compromised without you ever using it single time.

    Unless there is data to support a mass compromise (aka you know of multiple people that had the same issue at the same time) this could very easily just be coincidence.

    Most likely your card data was stolen months ago and just sold and used recently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JQIAN View Post
    not sure where to put this information because there is no dedicated forum for this dealer.

    What happened is that I have a visa used for only 3 things: Gas (4-5 times a month, only at 2-3 gas stations), groceries (about 10 times a month, 3-5 different big stores like Walmart, no-frills, sobeys...etc), and Netflix (one a month auto charge).
    This card was used for this 3 types of purchases for the last 1 year or so, until 1 month ago I made a purchase online at DoubleTap sport. What they did was asking me to enter the card number and the very next day they provided an updated invoice with updated shipping cost. This process seems to be manual.

    Anyhow, today a purchase of more than $16,000 at a jewellery store located in Germany was attempted to this card. And of course it's blocked. Nothing was damaged.

    So I am just laying out the fact to caution you guys. You make the judgment if DoubleTap sports intentionally sold my cc or unwittingly leaked it.
    Actually, there is. This thread has been moved to their forum. Double Tap can respond and reopen the thread should they choose to do so.

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