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Thread: WRITE YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL, ask to follow Alberta's lead wrt the May 1st, 2020 OIC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlawpilots View Post
    After Doug Ford's comments about the Emergencies Act inquiry - that is to say his standing behind the tyrant in full support - he just lost me as a voter. I hate to say it because I'm a long-time supporter of Ford Nation, but he has a brand new CONSERVATIVE majority and by the time he has to concern himself with re-election there should be a Conservative government in Ottawa so the Turd should be long gone, so there's no need for him to suck up to the tyrant. Yet there he is doing just that.

    The Ontario PCs will need another leader (perhaps one that's actually conservative) or Doug will have to redeem himself. I'm not talking about something from the Liberal playbook like free plate renewals. He's absent on feds stealing our guns despite half the provinces standing in opposition, and now these tyrant-friendly comments.

    Buh bye, Dougie!
    When he had the opportunity to lead, Dougie chickened and proved himself a follower during the plandemic. He's got his nose up Turd's ass, and the ON chief medical apologist is calling for the return of mask mandates.
    I miss Rob Ford.
    “The trouble with practical jokes is that they often get elected.” - Will Rogers

    "Repressing something feeds its growth." - Ayn Rand. Will tyrants' repression of civilian gun ownership have the same effect as Roman repression of Christianity?

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    Has anyone gotten a response? I got a letter back from the department of justice and safety basically saying we thank you for your concern but we support the ban

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