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Thread: Amendment G4 to Bill C-21 is sweeping ban on semi auto shotguns AND rifles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameron SS View Post
    Your post assumes that nothing has been tried before now.

    I fully support any and all non violent and lawful means for effecting desireable change. I especially support doing those things first.

    As in any self defense scenario, there is a time for fact finding a time for negotiation, and if the attacker persists a time will come when you repel force with force.

    As in this situation how far we must go to preserve our freedom, integrity, and the moral high ground depends not on us but on how long the trangressors persist un their unconstitutional and undemocratic attack against our community.

    You can say this isnt Iran all you want to. People with their head in the sand often deny the reality of their situation and comfort themselves with nostalgic rememberances of a past time, past values, that may not ever have existed.

    Any student of history can easily study the worst tyrranical regimes of the 20th century, and look at the road that got them there, and look at the world today and make fair comparisons.

    It confounds me that any poster might have a good grasp of reality but then still have hope in democratic institutions that are literally failing all around us.
    Another excellent post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suther View Post
    I see one major issue with what he is saying:

    These are all causes that were championed by the progressive left. The same progressive left that wants our guns taken away. The same progressive left that enjoys the support of the majority of Canadians.

    We're not the same as people who wanted to legalize marijuana or prostitution. If anything I'd say we're more like the people who wanted to KEEP marijuana and prostitution illegal...

    I would think the FRTs won't be updated until after C21 passes into law.
    Your point is correct and well taken. But this is not about left or is about a fight for your cause/belief.

    But the whole BIG POINT whether you agree or disagree is that those people/groups were willing to fight for what they wanted/believed.

    We need to do the same as a couple of million and add in family, relatives, friends, etc and we can be an overwhelming formidable force to deal with.

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    Hitting the nail on the head with this one. Well said
    Registration leads to confiscation, remember band together stay strong and canada has alot of lakes

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    Well, made it through about 65 pages............whew!!

    Lots of good stuff here.

    Now is not the time to hang your head in defeat.

    Stand and be counted if you care about your children and grand children.

    If you stand by and let this criminal cabal in Ottawa do what they want.

    You will never ever elect yourself out of it.

    If that day comes, it will be time to repeat Romania and Caucescu.

    It is long past time where we send the message to Ottawa.

    Ottawa has been sending the message for way too long.

    And it is a sick and demented message worthy of criminal prosecution.

    Do you really want to continue to be dictated to by a couple of young WEF leaders?

    They are doing their best to destroy you and your family.

    Wake up!! They are not playing nice.

    They are playing to win at your expense.

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    I see reports:

    The Canadian government proposed banning 3D printed guns by outlawing possession of computer data capable of being used with a 3-D printer, metal milling machine, or a similar computer system.

    but where is the text, details?

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    Anyone still think that "sniper rifles are next" is an exageration?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slarsen47 View Post
    Leaving is not the answer.

    Canada is still a great country with a lot of great people.

    Stay and fight to remove the media whores that write the daily scripts.

    Stay and fight to remove the rogue puppet WEF "government".

    There are no more places to run.

    Time to make a stand.

    God keep our land glorious and free, O Canada we stand on guard for thee.
    I Will Not Seal My Fate Without a Fight, If You See Me Running, I Run To The Front.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
    We were locked away in our homes or otherwise forced to leave jobs for months at a time over a flu with a 99.99% survival rate. The libs literally torpedoed the economy over it to the cheers of a majority of Canadians. Then when people protested the mandates (to force people to take an experimental vax they didn’t need), they were labelled extremists, had bank accounts frozen, and some were beaten by the Queens Cowboys. Now inflation is up and everything is less affordable and I still can’t buy a house on two incomes.

    This country is lost and will roll over again and again. We are passed the ‘outrage’ point, there should be tribunals and the PM and anyone in his cabinet over the past three years should be hung.

    This shouldn’t surprise a soul on this forum with a pair of eyes and ears, connected to a functioning brain.

    I’m not turning in a thing.
    Amen to that, I'm with you 1000%, they can go pound sand

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    I wish I could churn through 65 pages but the list shows isn’t an official
    List, right? It’s speculation right now as far as I have seen or heard. Correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yalbir View Post
    I wish I could churn through 65 pages but the list shows isn’t an official
    List, right? It’s speculation right now as far as I have seen or heard. Correct?
    Most of it is speculation, but there is a "list" they refer to in the committee that's not available to the public.

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