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Thread: Amendment G4 to Bill C-21 is sweeping ban on semi auto shotguns AND rifles

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    Quote Originally Posted by aakoksal View Post
    I sure hope LEOs will choose to stand with us and refuse to confiscate our property...
    I wouldn't have high hopes they are a personal army for the government of this country they just blindly went along with screwing with innocent truckers.
    Registration leads to confiscation, remember band together stay strong and canada has alot of lakes

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    Liberals : "assault rifles"
    Gun owners : "thats not a thing"
    Liberals : Assault-style rifles"
    Gun owners : "That doesn't mean anything"
    Liberals : "hold my beer"

    the writing has been on the wall for a very long time.
    In many ways, gun owners have told Liberals how to ##### them without even realizing it.

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    I'm just at a loss for words I have no idea what the future is gonna be regarding Canada, not about gun laws but about everything else like they're trying to really trample on all kinds of freedoms here, I don't think it's going to be fixed. I'm 24 years old and everything seems like it's just collapsing, up is down left is right I want to get out of Canada. Problem is I'm only just an apprentice electrician and even get to the United States I need to have some exponential skill, and being electrician isn't one I have no idea what to do or how to even move forward properly, without thinking everything is just collapsing. I'm scared ####less to be honest, sorry if this sounds like a rant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vp6111 View Post
    Also, some irony ..isn't he the guy at the helm of Doctors Against Guns?
    He's listed as an "Advisor" - one of many.

    The irony is that they highlight the critical state of health care in Canada yet find the time for so many MD's to go after legitimate gun owners with supposed science informed decision making using evidence that the Liberals refuse to show anyone.

    Makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie357 View Post
    I'll leave this here..

    I sent this to the CCFR as well hoping it would give some detailed ammo on how this government is misallocating tax dollars and wasting it while claiming to be for "public safety".. Not to mention that ALL of their taking points can be disproven with facts and statistics.

    Fundamental rights, freedoms aren't for sale, nor are they to be compromised on and infringed upon any further.
    Hopefully the CCFR will check the sources of the doctors' "evidence based decision making" because from what I saw under their tab of "research" all of the evidence is based on papers from the USA. USA evidence to solve a Canadian problem?

    And for a further giggle, that evidence was used in the USA to spark the alliance between the NSSF and the AFSP which I have been promoting for 7+ years.

    To put it plainly, in the USA the two previously opposing camps united with a common goal of saving lives by education and specific changes to laws without infringing on gun owners' rights and no new gun bans.

    And here in Canada the Liberals, aided and abetted by the Doctors and others, went after the guns; the objects. Effort, resources and $$$ totally misguided but fulfilling an idealogical agenda while illegal gun use in the big cities explodes.

    And for all of you promoters of our gun orgs, while this seismic shift was taking place south of the border those same orgs could not even recognize the potential of what was happening or to trouble themselves to educate you membership paying / donating gun owners; not even to tell you that the alliance was announced at SHOT in 2016!

    Guess they're too busy doing their own thing so here we are today ..............

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    Can anyone post a link to the actual reading from a gov site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aakoksal View Post
    I sure hope LEOs will choose to stand with us and refuse to confiscate our property...
    There are lots of law enforcement on our side unfortunately there are just as many chomping at the bit to excercise any powers the government allows them. Just look at that female rcmp officer who ran over the elderly First Nations woman with her horse then bragging about them needing to practice that manoeuvre. I can tell you this I know horses and that damn ##### free reigned that horse rite into the crowd that day. I lost all respect for rcmp officers that day and I offer no apologies to the good officers but will say this the good cops need to start policing there own forces before they gain one bit of respect from myself ever again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladnerchevy View Post
    Why aren't there mass protests? We have the numbers and should have a better voice.
    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the Liberals are hoping for a mass protest or even a massive outcry on social media.

    Nothing would get them off the hook at the convoy inquiry as well as "an armed insurrection".
    And bouncy castles and cocoa notwithstanding, that's exactly the term the MSM is dying to publish in a headline.
    CSSA and now - on Trudeau's recommendation - CCFR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yalbir View Post
    Ok so what I read was correct. I donít think the CCFR is off with the list but I hope they are wrong. Really really really wrong.
    The CCFR isn't off. The government is going with the list/pictures that Poly group sent them this past May...there was another thread where someone screen captured the pictorial. The bulk of the CCFR list is on the Polys list.
    CCFR, CSSA, NRA (Life), CPC, CHP

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    Quote Originally Posted by aakoksal View Post
    I sure hope LEOs will choose to stand with us and refuse to confiscate our property...
    Many, many do.
    I talk to LEO's all the time and I haven't run into one yet who has any interest in being part of a confiscation scheme.
    Many of them are firearm owners too.
    Having said that, I know there are a LOT of cheeseheads in LE who can't wait to FLEX on someone and they seek it out in their work.
    Those folks I am not so sure about.

    But it doesn't matter.
    They will NOT be sending the ERT to your door to confiscate your guns (unless you give them a reason to) because they don't have to.
    Confiscating guns actually costs money and puts people (Unionized Federal Employees) at risk.
    Making it a criminal offence to leave the house with one is basically free.

    As long as your guns are safely locked up at home, then they get what they want without the trouble of having to take them.

    As a bonus, they simultaneously criminalize and alienate a significant portion of their political opposition. Literally win win

    Tragic Side note: a CBSA agent just committed a murder suicide in BC;


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