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Thread: Amendment G4 to Bill C-21 is sweeping ban on semi auto shotguns AND rifles

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    This level of ineptitude should be criminal, but Canadians are so gutless that you've even got conservatives on a gun forum being completely dismissive of the whole thing.... As if it was unavoidable. Sickening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CZ Shooter View Post
    What are they planning to do to us, that would make them fear for their own safety?
    Where have you been? They already euthanized 90% of their population, it’s a slow roll but anyone who accepted a needle in the last 2 years is living on borrowed time.

    I personally have plenty of formerly young healthy immediate family members now dying horrible deaths from injection injuries, eventually the masses will figure out they no longer have immune systems, are sterile, have cancer and ‘sudden adult death syndrome’ (look it up it means unexplained death after injection) and are slowly being culled, what do you think an armed population will do to their government then?

    You know what the best thing about being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ is? Not dying of ‘suddenly’.

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    I doubt the ban will affect many shotguns. Most semi-auto shotguns don't have a detachable cartridge magazine. Depends on how the provision is interpreted. We will see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcbravo2zero View Post
    Attacking Trudeau on the state of the economy will absolutely pay dividends....
    Attack the Liberal Party and it's policies, not Trudeau specifically.
    Chastise him, sure, but the loudest criticisms should be against the Party not it's leader.

    A snake can shed it's skin, but if it loses it's fangs it will starve.

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    what full on nazi Germany and reeducation camps and much wrose yah china will have nothing on sock boy if he gets his way

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    Quote Originally Posted by $kull View Post
    Cz shooter knows what’s up. If only he was a glock shooter he could be a messiah

    Jokes aside. This is what’s happening and what they told us they were going to do to us in many publications and speeches
    Absolutely correct. Things will go from bad to worse. Petitions, volunteering, voting; refuges of the truly delusional. The goal is to stay fed and warm through the coming misery. No point in try to change a world before the majority GAF.
    Semper Fi

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    Annnnd there's the list... She a long one fellas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Classic_Cool View Post
    People on here blaming Liberals for inflation, meanwhile down south they say it's Biden's fault.

    So whose fault is it? Neither. We're at the tail end of a pandemic followed by a major war in Europe. That's why ####'s expensive.

    You're not going to turn voters against Trudeau by blaming him for the common cold. You have to give them a superior alternative, or he's going to get elected again and this will go on forever.

    No more empty-headed slander attacks.
    Inflation was at 5.3% BEFORE Russia invaded Ukraine.

    And even Liberal Mark Carney is acknowledging that inflation in Canada is because of what is happening IN CANADA.

    Chief economists for all the major banks on record Trudeau's spending is increasing inflationary pressures.

    Private sector economists warned the BoC for the last 16 moths inflation was coming and it would not be "transitory" BoC continued to buy bonds electronically to finance Trudeau ridiculous spending.
    Member: CSSA

    What am I thinking........? If I wanted you to know, I'd be talking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowancelt View Post
    Annnnd there's the list... She a long one fellas
    The hunt for $0.50 .223 continues.

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    Garand banned too according to list published by CCFR.

    CCFR list:
    Rimfire and Military Surplus Enthusiast.

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