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Thread: How I wrote a letter to 338 Members of Parliment in a day for $33 and you can too!

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    ^^ I did not write any letter or emailed anything to my NDP "elected" MP. Instead, we walked into his downdown outlet to speak with him in person and so did some of my relatives. We didn't let up and won't letup until the MP talked to us in person to hear our concerns presented in a very mannered and polite way. But after all the promises, he keeps on ducking because nothing has been done...

    So, we still go to his office on regular bases. Eye witness accounts claim he's "escaping" questions by leaving thru the back door (not a joke). So thats what were dealing with.

    Don't let up, bring your concerns...

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    So did anything happen today or was it all fake news?

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    Im trying not to be cynical about this effort but I have written politicians at different levels. They have responded,some,but its always an assistant with an answer that
    creates even more anger. Our politicians take their orders from the WEF or someone like that. They're following the game plan. What has to be done I ask god to intervene
    so i dont have to. Todays man is a cowardly LION. In front of us they've corrupted the media, health care, corporations. Not one of us has reacted in justified pay back. I cant
    believe we allowed them to get away with the dismantling of our nation. The sooner we start a grass roots movement, the better. Voting PC is not going to change things unless
    PP refuses to join their groups and swears Canada is its own nation. Well i dont think he will.... stay strong

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