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Thread: How I wrote a letter to 338 Members of Parliment in a day for $33 and you can too!

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    How I wrote a letter to 338 Members of Parliment in a day for $33 and you can too!


    I was able to write a letter to every member of parliament, it should take you 8 hours. All you need already is a printer, paper and envelopes. For home printing, I recommend a cheap laser printer. If you don't have a printer, you can save as a pdf and call your local print shop for a quote.

    What you need:
    Laser Toner: 1/2 of toner cartridge
    Paper: 1 Ream
    Letters: Peel & Stick letters will make your life easier! - Better prices at Dollarama or Staples

    Canadians are allowed to send "government mail" to and from our members of parliament free of charge (Link). Postage is Free. The issue becomes how can we do so in large quantities quickly?. Microsoft Word has a tool called mail merge It allows you to write one letter and automatically print out 338 copies individually addressed to each MP, the same goes for envelopes!

    I spent 6 hours making the mailing list from the government website for constituency offices so you don't have to.

    All you have to do is write one letter and spend 30 minutes googling how mail merge works. Then by using my spreadsheet (The last three columns are formatted for address blocks!) you can quickly print out 338 letters and 338 envelopes. You can also use the list to target specific parties by using the "filter" tool when creating your mail merge.

    MP - Mailing List (LINK) UPDATED February 2023 - Let me know if there are any issues with the spreadsheet.

    Senator - Mailing List (LINK) UPDATED December 2022 - Let me know if there are any issues with the spreadsheet.

    If anyone needs help writing letters, I recommend the templates provided by Calibre Mag

    Sample Envelope

    Sample Letter

    Sample Output (May 2020)

    Email Option

    User RoboRich reached out and showed off he super awesome SEMI-AUTO Email Technology. For those that want to send emails, I would encourage you to check out his website.

    As a word of caution, in addition to sending your name and email to your MP, I assume RoboRich would also get a copy of the email.
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    Things frigging amazing! Great job

    Well done and thanks for sharing, will be looking into this further.

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    Thanks for this OP.

    If anyone is working with a Mac, there's a free App called Pages Data Merge.
    It takes Numbers addresses and merges with a Pages template and exports Pages, Word, ePub, or PDF documents.
    Here's a link. You'll need to override security settings to allow the executable to run.
    It comes with some example files to get started.
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    This is exactly what we need. Thanks so much!
    Now let's all follow suite.

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    Thanks for this. Worry constructively, as my school principal would say.
    Instead of being troubled by what is really evil, people make a big fuss over what is merely conventionally evil. -Diogenes

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    While we should bombard them with paper these will be promptly processed through the shredder by the woke intern paid for by our tax dollars. Canada is an openly communist country now (just watch any court proceeding or parliamentary session on cspan they flaunt it openly) which doesn’t care about your opinion.

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    you do realize that they are most likely all going to the shredder without getting read ? at most you will get a canned answer . they dont care about any of us . they only care about the GREAT reset .
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    Man people are negative. You are ASSUMING they will shred them. More likely than not if there is enough letters, the interns or whatever will advise the member.

    At the end of the day, 3 years from now, when all the guns are outlawed, do you want to wonder whether your 30 bux and a couple of hours of your time could have potentially helped but you rather have been lazy and bitter instead?

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    ^ hear hear! Better than sitting on your thumb and whining…

    Thanks for posting Cooeyguy.
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    Good effort, but If you mail them to a Liberal politician it will likely be tossed by their staff.
    MPs don't open their own mail - they have a flunky doing it.

    However mailing them to a Conservative MP, and tying your support to their party with this issue, will help them stay on our side and repeal this when they get in power.
    A staff member could give them a few samples, say how many they got from us. It all helps.

    The Liberals have made the calculus that they don't want us. Not our votes for sure, they don't even want us in this country if we are being honest.
    Conservatives are the only ones that have our ear. If we let them forget, then we are doomed.

    As for the other party that claims to support us. They don't have a single seat, you are better off writing to Santa Claus and asking for your guns back if you send HIM a letter.

    But I applaud your effort. If everyone sent a stack of letters to it would at least get some attention. 99% of us, very sadly, won't do anything but complain.
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