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Thread: Lakefield A22 Takedown .22lr 18"

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    They are already on the open market in Canada. Under 600 if I remember correctly. Saw them in an east coast e-site “The Gun Dealer”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suther View Post
    Its not even the accuracy factor, its the return to zero. By having the scope on the receiver half rather than the barrel half I would not be comfortable screwing this together and going grouse hunting without first confirming my zero, whereas with a barrel-mounted scope the scope and barrel alignment isn't going to be impacted by the takedown process.

    Doesn't look like it to me.
    Yes, John Moses Browning was aware of that little detail when he designed that sweet little Browning .22LR semiautomatic take-down rifle ... back in the day. It was my grail gun starting from about the age of 12 ... and my totally awesome wife totally surprised me with one (she got my friend to buy it on the sly) on my 50th birthday, 23 years ago!
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    Do the Butler Creek 25 rounders still run with the take down models?

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    Would like to see this in .17 HMR A17 takedown
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