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Thread: Vortex Defender CCW red dot available now

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    Smile Vortex Defender CCW red dot available now

    Vortex Defender CCW Red Dot
    available in 6 or 3 MOA

    This new red dot from Vortex is an answer to a lot of peoples questions for a high quality durable, yet affordable micro footprint (Shield RMS) red dot. Not only does it offer direct mounting to the designed footprint, it also includes a weaver/picatinny rail mount for those wanting to mount it to a standard rail instead. Motion activated with a 14 hour auto-shutoff feature you can be sure it'll be ready when called for.

    There's only 2 questions. What size dot do you prefer, and how many do you want?

    Click on the image below to see them online and make your choice! Or come visit and see them for yourself.

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    3 moa is the right answer

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    I’d like to see the picatinny mount if possible. Can’t find it anywhere on the net.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m_falafel View Post
    Iíd like to see the picatinny mount if possible. Canít find it anywhere on the net.
    Google image brings up tons of pics of it mounted on the picatinny mount, I dont want to link those pictures here because this is a dealers thread and the pics are not from them.

    If it helps I have sent you links to pictures in a PM

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