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Thread: NOTICE: New BCL SRV2 Siberian Firing Pin

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    Exclamation NOTICE: New BCL SRV2 Siberian Firing Pin

    Black Creek has fully investigated two (2) events, where the bolt carrier of an SRV2 Siberian was damaged during normal operations. The investigation and testing included multiple levels of material testing and analysis, destructive testing, slow motion video and identical event reproduction.

    The investigations have conclusively determined that the root cause of the event in both cases was a firing pin that over-travelled and was stuck forward. This allowed the firing pin to come into contact with a chambered round before the bolt was completely locked up. When a round is detonated prior to full bolt lockup, it causes higher than normal backward pressure, which then causes the bolt and cam pin to be pushed back into the carrier with a force that is designed to break the carrier at the bottom rail and/or the cam slot.

    The first SRV2 Siberians shipped to customers use a standard AR180 firing pin. It has been determined that in very “unusual” circumstances, this firing pin could allow over-travel if the firing pin is stuck forward inside the bolt. The SRV2 Siberian now ships with a new SRV2 firing pin, which adds a safety shoulder behind the main shoulder, eliminating any possibility of overtravel before full lockup, which eliminates any possibility of the firing pin striking the primer before a bolt is fully locked up. The new firing pin also features a Retaining Pin Block that will not allow users to improperly install the firing pin retaining pin behind the rear safety shoulder.

    Black Creek Labs will be immediately sending all current SRV2 owners that have an AR180 firing pin a new SRV2 firing pin. It is highly recommended that live ammunition is not used in the rifle until you install your new firing pin. Firing Pin style can be identified as per diagram A.

    Please contact or visit for information on receiving your SRV2 firing pin.

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