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Thread: IN-STOCK NOW: AR-6 MAG-FED Compact Tactical Crossbow

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    IN-STOCK NOW: AR-6 MAG-FED Compact Tactical Crossbow

    Edit May 25th: BACK IN STOCK!

    Introducing the AR-6 Compact Tactical Magazine Fed Crossbow. Developed by Steambow Austria, the AR-6 uses a top-fed 6-shot magazine. The crossbow splits at the rear with the stock acting as a lever to draw the string, making actuation quick and easy. The fiber optic sight allows fast and intuitive aiming, while a red dot sight or scope can be attached to the front Picatinny rail for even more accurate shots. The AR-6 also features an internal accessory slot for use of an optional laser device. Made of high-quality reinforced polymer, the AR-6 Stinger 2 is extremely lightweight, rugged, reliable, and accurate to target at distances up to 80 feet

    The AR-6 is easily disassembled and can compactly fit into a survival or bug-out bag. Weighing in at just 2.6lbs the AR-6 is easy and convenient to use and transport. The compact dimensions and light weight also make the AR-6 ideal for beginner and smaller statured shooters.

    The AR-6 features versatile range of use including target practice, survival and hunting and is available with a full suite of options and accessories, including:
    •90lbs Limbs
    •Hunting Broadheads
    •Target Bolts
    •Bodkin Bolts
    •Magazine Speed Loader
    •Tactical Arrow Quiver
    •Side Mount Picatinny Rail
    •Stinger Red Dot Sight
    •Laser Sight (For Internal Accessory Slot)
    •Tuning Trigger
    •Spare Parts Kit
    •Integral Knife

    Comes with Vertical foregrip, telescoping AR-15 style buttstock (commercial-spec buffer tube), 6 training arrows, 2 strings, stringing aid and manual. Starting at just $469

    Note: Because these crossbows are over 500mm in length and are not designed or altered to be aimed and fired by the action of one hand (handgun style) they are not prohibited class and therefore non-regulated items. No PAL required.

    More Info & Ordering

    •Open sights (rear sight & front sight) on top of the magazine
    •Top Picatinny rail for red dot sights
    •Full-length Picatinny rail on the bottom for foregrip or tactical light
    •Integrated accessory compartment for integral laser sight
    •2 external ports for attaching side picatinny rails

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    Kinda cool. 90lbs limbs. What’s the speed on those little bolts

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    Cool stuff, will buy one shortly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bare View Post
    Kinda cool. 90lbs limbs. What’s the speed on those little bolts
    One video on youtube is saying 190 fps

    Edit but they are saying thats 55lb limbs i guess.

    90lbs says 220fps
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    Def. kool factor, slight gimmicky ..? Im sure some practicality, other then the fun factor!

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    Could be a fun way to get rid of my gofers without having the neighborhood alarmed lol

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    It would be interesting to see a trajectory chart for these...likely 2 or 3 feet of drop between 20 and 30 yards

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    Definitely awesome looking toy. Due to my love for all thing Tactical Imports I may have to order one
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    Add this to the list of things I didn't know I wanted

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    Little early for april fools...

    Honestly though, its sad that canada has come to this lol.

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