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Thread: Team CADEX ELR LIGHT wins... again!

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    Team CADEX ELR LIGHT wins... again!

    Last weekend, ELR Southeast hosted the Peterson Cartridge Co Shootout at Moccasin Valley Precision Range in Lebanon, VA. Team Cadex “ELR Light” comprised of Corbin Shell and Dwayne Russell again won the light gun division. This marks three wins in a row for Team Cadex in the ELR Light division. Both Dwayne and Corbin were shooting Cadex CDX-33 Lite rifles chambered in 300 Norma Magnum with a 26” barrel. They were shot in a field expedient manner with Cadex folding bipods and not F-class style bipods or front support boards. Target distances ranged from 1007 yards to 1815 yards. Target sizes were 24”x24” up to 1500 yards and 36”x36” beyond.

    "The Cadex rifles functioned and performed flawlessly. We have not changed anything on the rifles and are shooting them exactly as they were delivered including the factory trigger pull weight. Big THANK YOU from us for all the support and producing top quality products!!!"

    - Corbin

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    Cadex Customer Service Representative(s)

    For any emergency please contact:
    Patrice Picard
    Sales Director


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    Cadex is a stellar Canadian company. My direct dealings with them have always been excellent and the individuals I dealt with were very helpful and always returned my comms. Congrats on the recognition. Companies like Cadex make me proud to be a Canadian, unlike some Federal institutions in this country.
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    Congratulations, well done!

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