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Thread: CGN 2.0 Summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by FatCatsDad View Post
    For shotguns, remove barrel.

    Remove rear stock from lever guns and others you can remove the action from the stock.

    Usually one or two screws and can cut your shipping costs in

    Anything to reduce the dimensions of the package.

    Your hit with a $20 oversize fee if any dimension exceeds 39"
    Yes, all good points.

    But I always ship in the original box as my guns are mint when I sell them. This automatically gives one the oversize fee.

    The way I wrap firearms, they could be thrown off a postal truck at 100 km per hour and not sustain a scratch. LOL

    Okay, maybe not 100, but I like to ship my guns in one piece. To each their own though.
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    Will you also modernize the Equipment Exchange?

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