Due to the large volume of sales that we process on a daily basis it is simply not practical for us to leave feed back for our CGN customers. The aim of all of us here at Wolverine Supplies is to give fast, courteous, professional service. If for any reason you are not satisfied with us please let us know, you can always ask for Pat or e-mail her direct at: Pat@wolverinesupplies.com In return we expect our customers to be honest with us and pay their bills which 99.99% do, so positive feedback would seem to be redundant.

Again due to the volume of phone calls and e-mails that we receive on a daily basis we must ask that PM’s be limited to exactly that, “private messages’ and all general sales related inquiries be directed to: Sales@wolverinesupplies.com that way the reply you receive should be faster and more detailed. It will also greatly assist us.

We trust you will understand our position.