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Thread: New to buying over internet help.

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    New to buying over internet help.

    hi my name is Mathieu i am from Quebec(Canadian french, so please excuse my english) and i am new to this forum.

    I never buy a rifle over internet, I whant to buy from Frontier as am looking for the sks on the site and the guys on the forum here seem to be pleased with FrontierFirearms. I have never buy a rifle over internet so i would like some informations about what need to be done in order to buy a rifle/how does it work?.

    I am new to all this so it is unclear to me, i looked at the site but it do not have much info.
    Do i need to fill some paper before shipping?, will i have to pay extra fee or waittime before shipping?
    I have a PAL liscence for non-restricted rifle, will i have to email a copy of it or just the numbers?. Can i buy a sks rifle with a PAL liscence for Non-Restricted rifle only?.

    Thanks you for your help

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    Frontier has an online shopping cart on his website (I believe) so you could just sign up to that and order. If not, give him a call, let him know what you want, and he will ask you all the information he needs to make it happen.

    SKS is non restricted so you can get one for sure.

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    Lorsque tu achetes en ligne il est toujours plus prudent d acheter d un des commanditaires de ce sites . Ils sont tous tres professionel et courtois . Si c est la premiere fois que tu achètes chez eux ils vont surement te demander de leux faxer une copie de ton permis . Ils vont demander ton # de carte de crédit , adresse et cest tout . Le transfer est presque intantané et ils vont te l envoye aussitot . Tu n as qu a attendre le facteur !!

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