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Thread: Restricted firearms purchases from Epps

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailor723 View Post
    According to Canada Post regulations your post would appear to be incorrect. Restricteds do need to be both trigger locked and locked in a case.....or does this not apply to business accounts? I know this rule is violated by individuals and retail businesses every day but that is the actual requirement.

    I guess the issue is do postal regulations have the force of law? As Canada Post was created by an act of parliament I believe their regulations may well be legal requirements under that act.
    Epps works closely with canada post. and over half our business is shipping out firearms across canada, and has been for at least the last 8+ years i have been there, and i have never seen a firearm be locked or in a locked case while shipping.

    Firearms we receive from distributors sent by CPS are never locked. Firearms sent to us from other businesses have never been locked.

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    Just take their sweet time shipping them out. (purchased Jan 24)
    CFO confirmed transfer approval Feb 1.
    Called Epps "No, the approval isn't approved" (Feb 6)
    Hmmmm I tend to believe the CFO

    Firearm has tracking number but STILL not shipped.
    First (trial) purchase here. Likely the last.

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    Bought a ton of restricteds from our sponsors and shipped by CP or canpar, they are never triggerlocked.
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    well......It comes down to $$$$$

    If I can buy the same gun from a different Vendor .....and not have to pay $50 extra for locks ,box's ECT,......Guess where I'm gonna shop.
    Easy peasy.
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    I've had many restricteds shipped to me from sponsors with no locks

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    In a few months it'll be the 10th anniversary of this thread. A few more years and this thread can get his own PAL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Hunter View Post
    I've had many restricteds shipped to me from sponsors with no locks
    my restricteds that got shipped were never locked

    the ones I picked up locally and transported myself had to be.
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    Might as well join the party!! Everyone one I picked up at the a store has left with trigger lock and in locked case, I bring my "transport case" to clear any trigger lock. One place actually told me, they wouldn't allow me to leave the store unless the gun was in a lockable case and with trigger lock. Everything shipped to me just came in a cardboard box with nothing.
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    From Canadapost:
    Customers who wish to ship firearms must:
    -unload the firearms - there cannot be any ammunition in the firearm or in the package (bullets, cartridges and other ammunition are dangerous goods)
    -attach a secure locking device to the firearms
    -lock the firearms in a sturdy, non-transparent container, and
    -remove the bolt or bolt carrier from any automatic firearms (if removable).
    Firearms cannot be shipped via air and cannot have any markings on the outside of the packaging. The customer is solely responsible for meeting all Canadian Firearms Centre regulations.

    I always had a concern about firearms delivered to my house - one thing to get a notice card and go pick up at the post office. Now what? Open package, attached the lock and put in in the gun-case? It is doable if you driving, but what if not? What about paperwork? It was at least one time when handgun came before paperwork! Let it sit at the post office?

    What about if your family members are signing for the package and leaving it in the hallway?

    What if the package was lost by carrier and you already have all paperwork on hands?

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    I have always had a trigger lock and locked case when I have picked up a restricted in store and I have bought from a few places. Personally, I don't care about what Canada Post does, they are a Crown Corp and will not face any charges while it is in their possession just like how an RCMP officer can leave a loaded pistol in the back seat of his squad car and have it stolen and a teenage girl shot with it and not face charges. Personally I don't think they would be lenient on me the same way. I really don't see the debate here. Epps isn't alone and it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that they want you to follow the law. Just be a good lad now and bring a case and trigger lock.

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