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Thread: Are you allowed to fire military surplus ammo in the range ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSE_Justin View Post
    Please do not fire AP, steel core, API, tracer, or HE rounds in the bays.

    The MFS ammo we sell in store is fine to use at our ranges. MFS has a mild steel jacket, and after extensive testing it was approved to be range safe for TSE.

    We inspect all ammo before you hit the bay with it, and the above ammo types that Justin has listed are non-conducive to our range.

    If you have questions or concerns about ammo you want to bring in, please ask one of our range officers or call us first.

    We have MANY range safe options in our facility you can purchase as well!

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    The last time I was at Calgary Shooting center steel core surplus was ok!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulfly View Post
    Just to add to that, Ferrous metal is Magnetic. Ferrous is the presence of iron. Iron and Carbon make an alloy metal called Steel.
    However, Some types of stainless steel are non-magnetic because of the Nickel content.
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Nickel is also considered magnetic. It is the percentage of Chromium content that makes it non magnetic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by InsanSh View Post
    I heard somewhere that because its steel-core its prohibited in the range is that true ?
    The stuff sparks with steel core, or even copper washed steel jackets. There have been a few instances at our local range where smoke was starting in the tall grass, so the local fire department did some research and found that this ammo could in fact start fires if shot at rocks and steel objects so they banned it in the summer.

    Other reasons they'll ban it is because it's very good at destroying steel targets, the core inside the bullet can punch pretty hard. I found at 50 yards, 1/2 of my 7.62x39 steel cores would puncture a 5/8th steel target.

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    Most indoor ranges have rules about no steel core for two reasons. 1. It can spark and be a fire hazard and 2. It is pretty hard on traditional backstops.

    However there is a certain kind of modern backstop that eliminates these problems, TSE does not have such a backstop. That is where I will stop because I believe mentioning the competition in the TSE forum is a no no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anyad Pitchaya View Post
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Nickel is also considered magnetic. It is the percentage of Chromium content that makes it non magnetic.
    You sir, Are right about that.. I got all caught up in what the different types of stainless are and must have just tried to make up my own facts. :P

    I could have swore it was the amount of nickel added to a steel that changes the cubic structure and when it's turned into Face centered cubic structure, it's non-magnetic.

    Same as when you heat up steel.. It's Body centered cubic structure, until a certain temperature. Then it changes to Face centered and loses it's ability to be magnetic.

    (Sorry, I'm just going off memory here... And It's not the greatest. Maybe Send me a PM and we can talk about it!)

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