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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2010 - Beretta ARX-160 new Italian Assualt Rifle at SHOT

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    No one mentioned price. Guess it doesn't matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greentips View Post
    The bolt release is on the under-inner-side of the trigger guard. The magazine can also be release by pushing the leveler under the trigger guard

    Robarm lawsuit inbound!
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    The people you want to harass is the Cdn importer - I believe it is Stoeger Canada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armedsask View Post
    robarm lawsuit inbound!
    uh oh, hot dog!
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    Thank's for all the useful updates Greentips!

    I keep saying I need another cool rifle like I need to lose more hair, but this looks well thought out, I'm defenitely interested. If and when they come to the civvy Canadian market I don't see getting one right away though.

    I'll wait and pick one up off the EE when a gun renter gets tired of his.:D
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    I want one now...
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    Very cool.

    This may come off as a " newb / dummy " question, but was there any update to the cx4 storm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by greentips View Post
    Those flat things on the side of the receiver - for a sling?
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    The Beretta Rep that I talked to at the booth while I was drooling on this told us that it was a minimum 12 months to US production, so all of you who are turning blue from holding your breath start breathing again.

    The reps at the show had literally seen the thing for the first time on the weekend, and only one guy at the booth new how to strip it. When Rauch and I were there, he was busy so we didn't get to see it in pieces. Nobody had any idea on price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teddy49 View Post
    The Beretta Rep that I talked to at the booth while I was drooling on this told us that it was a minimum 12 months to US production, so all of you who are turning blue from holding your breath start breathing again.

    Plenty of time for some ###### in politics to find a way to prohib/restrict this fine piece of equipment.

    I'd also like to throw my name in the hat for one of these... if I can afford one lol.
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