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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2010 - Kel-Tech: PMR 30 and RFB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage View Post
    As I was informed by several manufactures that if you get a US State dept DSP83 form Most any rifle can be exported out of the US providing it does not have a Folding , Collapsable Stock or a Muzzle brake and is not restricted for export by the US State Dept

    You forgot the evil bayo lug. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangertree View Post
    GTs post is accurate. They won't start rolling into stores though, unfortunately, however, some will be coming for sure.
    Do you happen to have a preorder wait list going? If so, I'd love to get on it :D...I'm patient (hello Type 97?)...gonna need the big brother RFB...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarlath View Post
    Talked to their sales/marketing guys down at the SHOT. Looks like the extended barrel length version (sniper) may get the axe. They commented about no true performance gains over the 24"/26" barrel length and how the pricing of such would be too high for the market place (MSRP $500-700 cost up on the carbine)
    They did mention that they were planning on selling the bullpup into Canada.
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