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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2010 - To those who have made SHOT request by PM

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    SHOT SHOW 2010 - To those who have made SHOT request by PM

    I finally got the chance to open up the PM box and saw that there are a lot of SHOT related requests. I had been running around to try to get as much coverage as possible within the last 3 days - I even missed a few of our own CGN vendors (Sorry to Raunch, CanAm, Reliable, Questar and Terry) I would like to apologize to all those CGNers whom I promised or intended to visit, but failed to do so, as well as those who had sent me information requests which I could not find the time to fulfill.

    Please send all private messages on CGN admin issues to "CGN Admin" account

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    PM me
    It's all good, 3 days isn't very long to visit like 20,000 vendors :D

    Thanks for trying,
    - Koshy
    I finally added pictures of my Steyr SSG 08 completed! See page 1/20/25 for pictures:
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    Excellent posts though for the places you chose to put in while you were there! Nice job!

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    I feel well informed anyway Greentips! Great job!:D
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    AAawww I am SO bummed!!

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    Thanks for all the reports and for the photographs, I enjoyed reading every one of them.

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