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Man I'd love some surplus Garands.

I bought ONE years ago for 400ish.

I should have bought 10.
I remember in the Mid 80's garands going for $150. They were brought in by Ontario Auto Mart from a deal with the North Vietnamize. They were apparently left behind after the War ended by the US. The US were arming the ARVN troops with them in the early part of the War.
Got my 10 from RUKO for $99.00ea.

I don't believe your going to see any Korean or Vietnamese or South American rifles any time soon. The US seems to have a say in what goes where. When the Vietnam surplus was surfacing there weren't any trade deals etc. going on between the 2 countries. If you look at the label of your high end Blackhawk equipment today (made in Vietnam), you might notice things have changed. If any surplus gets sold off without US permission you can bet it would cost that country dearly.