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Thread: ZULU Weapons & SA Rifles

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    ZULU Weapons & SA Rifles

    Some of my “African collection.”

    Zulu Knobkerries, the top one, maybe the top two, are heavy executioner style rather than fighting style.

    Various Zulu Knobkerries, collected from all over the world, mainly fighting models but some were primary badges of office. A Swazi shield, axe and fighting spear over a selection of light throwing spears which were mainly intended for hunting.

    Zulu Knobkerries, an early Zulu fighting shield, the early style were large, flanked by two superb short stabbing spears and two longer fighting spears, one reportedly used at Rorkes drift.

    A selection of mainly Zulu short stabbing spears. Number seven from the left is a ritual spear, nine and twenty are rare “Leaf” style blades. Extreme right is a very rare Zulu Leopard hunting spear. These all balance superbly. Number eleven is very light, originally taken to the UK by a Boer War veteran.

    A later smaller Zulu fighting shield over a miscellaneous assortment of African hunting spears. On the right two Massi Lion spears.

    Knobkerries and sticks.

    A close up showing the intricate wire work.

    Zulu spear binding. From the top, one and three show the original shrink wrap, a skinned cow’s tail is pulled on and left to dry in the sun, two and four shown binding with strips of palm.

    I am always looking for good examples to add to my collection, will pay cash and happy to pay a finder’s fee after any good addition.

    Some rifles with South African connections;

    From the top ”George Gibbs “Lee Speed” .303 Sporter with factory fitted scope, I have an identical scope fitted to a P14 “Sniper” but not marked Gibbs. Krieghoff Mauser 9.3 x 62. Army & Navy Lee Speed .303 “Sporter. Mannlicher 1903 6.5 Carbine. Martini .303 Sporter. Enfield .303 Cavalry carbine. Martini .303 Carbine. Boer Mauser 7 x 57.

    Close up of the inscription on the Mauser.

    Close up of the inscription on the Martini, if only she could talk. This reads: C.H.O. rd, W.A. Bushman,Service Carbine, 87 Times Under Fire, Transvaal, Cape Colony, Orange free State, Beira to Mafekine, 1900 to 1901.

    The Krieghoff Mauser, she is superbly balanced, if I wasn’t left handed I would hunt with her today.
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    Wow, those don't look like back-scratchers! Looks like some of those might leave a nasty mark(s).

    Wonderful collection. Top kudos for such a spectacular display.


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    Very nice
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    Very impressive... Some really nice tools there.

    This is the extent of my Zulu collection..

    Pre ban Elephant Ivory - Zulu Fertility Carving. (*cough* would look real nice in that collection somewhere )

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    i got to go to SA at some point, my family settled there in the 1640's but they all left in the 1950's. Nice looking collection.

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    I like the 7x57 Boer Mauser.

    I think that of all the military bolt actions, most of the older mausers look the most elegant in their as-issued configuration.

    From what I read, the Mausers in the hands of the rebels were probably one of the most nasty surprises the British faced during the Boer War, since it gave the colonial rebels an advantage in terms of range and accuracy over the Enfield.

    Those Zulu spears and warclubs would have been nasty to get hit by or stuck with, but yet they have some strong elegance and impressive craftsmanship to them.
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    Just make sure you put those trigger locks back on the rifles after the photo shoot.

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    so very awesome.
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