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Thread: ZULU Weapons & SA Rifles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makava View Post
    Are you an ex South African, is that how you managed to assemble a collection like this?
    No I am an Ex Brit, I was always fascinated by the old British colonial history. I was educated in a co-ed (Boys & girls) boarding school situated in an old English country house. In the library was a large Cape Buffalo head, I used to spend all my prep time gazing at him and dreaming of Africa, never knowing that one day I would hunt these noble beasts and walk on the old battle fields.

    Thanks for all the good comments, I have added several more items to this collection since these first photos were taken
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    Your collection is very nice. I have an assegai, a knobkerrie and an Ashanti spear that were brought home from the South African War by an officer of the Strathcona's.
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    ... (speechless)


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    Nice stuff. What does Kaffir mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coltseries70 View Post
    Nice stuff. What does Kaffir mean?

    "The word kaffir is a term used in South Africa to refer to a black person. Now widely considered an offensive ethnic slur, it was formerly considered by whites to be a neutral term for South African blacks.

    The word is derived from the Arabic term kafir (meaning 'disbeliever'), which originally had the meaning 'one without religion'.[1]

    Portuguese explorers adopted the term to refer to black non-Muslim peoples when they became involved in the Arab slave trade along the Swahili Coast. Later, other European traders also adopted its use.[2]

    Variations of the word were used in English, Dutch, and, later, in Afrikaans, from the 16th century to the early 20th century as a general term for several different peoples of Southern Africa. In Portuguese, in French and in Spanish, the equivalent cafre was used. The term acquired a distinctly derogatory meaning in the context of South African history, especially during the Apartheid era. In Afrikaans, the term is more commonly spelled kaffer.

    In South Africa today, the term is regarded as highly racially offensive, in the same way as "######" in the United States and other English-speaking countries. It is seldom used as an isolated insult, but rather is used systematically by openly racist individuals when talking about black people, and as such was very common in the apartheid era. Use of the word has been actionable in South African courts since at least 1976 under the offense of crimen injuria: "the unlawful, intentional and serious violation of the dignity of another".[3]"

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    Quote Originally Posted by coltseries70 View Post
    Nice stuff. What does Kaffir mean?
    Although the answer is easily Googled, it is essentially a derogatory term for native Africans.

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    Adding my voice to the choir - fine collection. And, likewise, the degeneration of Rhodesia a tragedy it's hard to assign any sort of meaningful scale to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wolverine View Post
    I have no info on the Lord Strathcona Horse, but I do have the following with Canadian Boer War connections:

    Colt New Service issued to Hugh Arthur Gunn of the Canadian Mounted Rifles.

    Apologies for the necro-post.

    Stumbled across your post re the 2 CMR Colt. I suspect that the owner was not Hugh Arthur Gunn but rather #121 Henry Aitken Gunn

    Do you have the Colt letter on this one? Would love to know what shipment it was in.


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    That is a truly fascinating collection you have, and they way you have it displayed is stunning. Congrats on some beautiful artifacts.

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    Very nice collection and good forum. For those interested in the Anglo/Zulu war, this is an outstanding link and makes for hrs of good reading

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