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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2011 - Yamaha ATV's

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    Quote Originally Posted by asphalt599 View Post
    Its probably a 2 stroke.

    I hates two strokes, they stink.
    I drove a 2 stroke for a bit, a 2wd Polaris blue smokin speed freak'n thing I borrowed for a couple of seasons.
    Nobody would follow me on the trail, it smelled just that bad.
    Bare bones speed machine it was. Crazy fast, I don't know how fast, no speedo. But nobody in camp could catch me on the flat.
    Bush hunter!

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    My ancient, rusty, trusty 1995 350 Wolverine will go 50 MPH (not KM's) wide open on a smooth logging road that has a straight stretch about 2 miles long near where I live. Verified by GPS and my buddy with his Can-Am 650XT.

    There is nothing on the market similar to my old machine - 350cc, 4x4, 5 speed manual, 515 lbs, and a great suspension system. I'll drive it until it dies then I'll cry because I can't buy another one. Then I'll buy an Outlander 800.
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    Firearms Ownership=Freedom+Democracy

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