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Thread: SHOT SHOW 2011 - Robinson Arms XCR-M

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    Its been posted elsewhere, but I thought it was relevant:

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    Good choice in mags. DPMS has been using that system for a long time with their .308 rifles. Lots of affordable choices, and they work well.

    Nice to see a sighting of the M(ystical) model. It will be interesting to see the accuracy results. Stiff competition right now with the introduction of the RFB to Canada. A year and a half ago, Robinson Arms would have taken the non restricted .308 Canadian market with ease. Excellent news for Canadian consumers since competition is always good for us. I look forward to seeing this rifle hit our market. Another modern Semi auto non restricted .308 is always a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshi View Post
    was there any mention of a release date?
    Alex said perhaps 6 months.
    But I seem to recall the first XCR taking a bit longer than originally planned.
    In post 20, I suggested the prankster do the same gag the following year.
    One year later, I contacted him by PM to remind him!
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    Deano always loves the floozies.

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    Nice rifles, was thinking about picking up an L model , if I can get some registration papers back I can sell some un-used rifles to get the $2300..

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    Wow... looking forward to it's release. Thanks for the pics!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tootall View Post
    Alex said perhaps 6 months.
    Thats news I can live with if it is 6 months still before we see the -M being released or coming into Canada the timing couldn't be better for me...

    We just sold our house and we're panicking looking at buying and fixing up to my wife's standards another house I will not be in any position to buy any guns for the next 6 months to a year and maybe even longer depending on what I have to put into it...

    Leaving right now with our realtor... :D

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    These mags are usually described as DPMS pattern. So we could use Magpul and Cproducts mags.

    In the AR-10 world, there are 2 families of mags: DPMS pattern and Armalite pattern. DPMS seems more modern and widely chosen by other makers like KAC and Remington.
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    It shows the 'M' with a P-mag in the video...

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    Me want.
    I am a CSSA member - If you own firearms in Canada, shouldn't you be, too?

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    308 rifles are all fine and dandy, but they'd sell better if there were acceptable/affordable surplus to shoot.

    Is it ok'd by the manufacturer to shoot steel cased ammo from this rifle?

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