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Thread: Professional Grade Batons in stock

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    How does good news from a good dealer about a new product spark a legal debate? Thats not what this thread was intended for so can it already. If you want to bicker about legallity then call a lawyer, and stop ruining good news.

    Thanks Brian for the heads up on the new batons, I for one have never known
    Drop Zone to carry crap and am looking forward to getting a new quality baton.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DropZone View Post
    ....If you are going to carry one, do not carry it concealed and make sure you have a good reason for carrying it, such as defense from feral dogs.....

    I'd like to see a poll on what people would use them for. Don't know how to do it tho....

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    Good for Coyote defense

    trail walkers and hikers in Nova Scotia are scared s......s since a girl was killed by coyotes in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, (along with several other non-fatal attacks) and are carrying various sticks and weapons in case of attack. If someone brought these into Halifax for that purpose, they would sell a bunch.

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    They sell these at army issue so I wouldn't expect them to be illegal. Unless as stated by others here on the board, they are used for illegal purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC Mike View Post
    I'd like to see a poll on what people would use them for. Don't know how to do it tho....
    I doubt people would be honest on such a poll anyways, as the reasons would range from illegal to ridiculous. If people WERE being honest, I think the "basement ninja" category would be in the top percentile.

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    The warranty is 2 years and as they are European you would deal with me for the warranty in Canada.

    ...and yes, spirited debate, which is good, on the legality of batons, has ensued, it is now getting redundant so I will close the thread now.

    Warm Regards

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