Back in stock after a long stock out situation is our Magnum Caliber Sniper Ammo Pouch.

This item should be of interest to precision shooters and hunters. The unique aspect of its design unlike similar pouches, is that it has no elastic bandoleers for holding your rounds. Instead it holds the plastic sleeve that comes with the ammunition box. This method is superior to the elastic bandoleers as the factory sleeve does a much better job of separating the cartridges from each other. When the cartridges can't touch each other they cannot "ding" each other, causing potential accuracy problems.

The flap of the Magnum Caliber Sniper Ammo Pouch secures tightly over the sleeve with cartridges, eliminating rattles. The pouch is fully MOLLE compatible and when coupled with our Butt Pate Butt Stock MOLLE Adapter, it can be mounted to your favorite rifle's butt stock!

Colors available are Olive, Black, Coyote, CadPat Tw and Marpat.

For the serious precision shooter...

Kind Regards
Brian Kroon