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Thread: Tell me your camo story for a chance to win a $100 Cobra Imaging GC

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    A few years ago, during Halloween, a lot of the kids were dressed up as ghosts. So I grabbed a bed sheet, threw it over my head and walked on out. They never even saw me I blended in so well!


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    When I was in the CF, they started issuing personal, CADPAT camouflage nets in woodland and arid.

    During my journeyman course, a guy from my unit on course with me told me a story about how VP snipers making ghillie suits by using similar nets and tying strands of burlap to them to give them texture.

    The problem with this is many of the ghillie suits use netting similar to fishing nets, which, as anyone who has ever had to drape a camnet over a vehicle knows, is a big PITA, since the netting gets caught on virtually everything with an edge on it.

    The new issue CF ones, however, was more of a porous fabric as opposed to a net - so being a dork (college kid with too much time on my hand), I individually unthreaded burlap strands (a foot long, dyed US woodland camo pattern), and looped and tied thousands of strands through my camnet to make a pretty impressive ghillie suit.

    I really had no use for it (not being in the combat arms) and it was a gigantic waste of time (I could have done it much more efficiently than individually tying each strand - or strands of 3-4 pieces) - but it made for a very good mosquito net and extra padding for my sleeping bag on winter ex.

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    I was hunting Malcolm island all camoed up in a logging slash. I was able to watch this fawn walk out from the tree line towards my position. Not moving i kept my eyes on the trees expecting at least the mother to come out. Nothing showed and i thought that perhaps the mother was killed despite having no doe season in that area nor wolves at that time. I focused on a spot to the left and rear of the fawn and watched it as it got closer, untill it was right on top of me. I suspect it was curious as to what i was as i didn't fit in its shrub covered stump box nor did i seem to pose a danger. It was an increadible moment for me having this little thing close enough to pet. It must have finally caught my scent as it snorted and moved off, leaving behind an inexplicable peace and contentment in me.
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    A few years ago I was hunting geese about 15 minutes north of Bonnyville, Alberta. It was early November and getting cold, most of the small sloughs had frozen up and most of the geese in the area were roosting in a local lake. I drove down to that lake one morning and waited until about 9 am when the geese started to lift off and I followed them to a local grain field. When I found them I got permission from the landowner and set up a hunt for the next morning.

    When we arrived the next day we set out 3 dozen full body Canada's, a half dozen full body mallards and a mojo. The ground was frozen pretty hard and we had to use the tire iron from my truck to break a hole in the ground for the mojo pole. We used Final Approach layout blinds that had been dusted with krylon, painted with mud and stubbled with some straw out of the field we were hunting in.

    A little after 9 am the first birds of the day started to pop up on the horizon, we quickly shut the mojo off (it was damn near frozen at this point anyways) and started flagging the geese. A quick honk and a few moans on my GK Canuck were enough to seal the deal and the geese locked on to the spread and set their wings. A quick volley of 12 gauge 3" BB and 4 geese were on the deck.

    Later in the morning after this went on a few times a single goose came in and landed outside of the decoys, it then walked in to the spread, took a seat, tucked it's head back and promptly went to sleep. He was roused a few minutes later when the next flock came in and we lit them up. Just before we packed up for the day a hawk came in and tried to grab one of the full bodied lesser decoys. I wonder what he thought when he swooped in and got bumped off the back of the decoy instead of getting his talons full of warm goose. We were hunting with a proven decoy spread and blind set-up. We wore camouflaged clothing, hats and face masks. We limited movement in the blinds as much as possible and were sure to conceal anything that might give our position away.
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    Thank you to all who submitted a story or and idea so far. Just a reminder that there are only 5 days left to get your story or idea submitted. Keep then coming.

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    This is my sad cammo storey.
    Many years ago I was in a now defunct gun shop in Nelson, BC. There was a Ruger #1 in 7m/m Mag that some clown had done a spray can cammo job on. It was for sale. This thing was AWFULL. I pointed this out to the sales guy, and I mean I REALLY pointed out how awfull this poor gun looked. Turned out it was his gun, and he was terribly PROUD of the job he did. I still shudder when I think of it.
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    Cammo clothing is great. Cammo boots are great. Cammo Hats are great. Even Cammo lingerie is great. You know what sucks. Loosing your cammo knife when you set it down while gutting a trophy sized buck. I SWEAR TO GOD I SET THE DAMN THING RIGHT NEXT TO MY FOOT. Who took my freakin knife?
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    True story.

    I was trying to hunt down this enormous porcupine that kept fighting with my friends's dog leading to several expensive vet bills because the conservation officers wouldn't come out. She lived alone in the middle of nowhere northern Alberta and her dog was her only companion. I had a plan. I put on my own camoflauge and had a rifle to match. Late one afternoon, I krept out into this forest that she said it always ran away into and decided to park myself in a good spot to watch this game trail I suspected it of using. There was lots of loose leaf little all over the ground so I got set up real comfy in a good spot so I wouldnt make any noise.

    Well, like I often have to do after long periods of sitting and waiting in the cold, I had to pee. Badly! I didnt want to because I would have to take my eyes off the trail and it would create more scent and noise to give me away, but it wasnt a matter of choice any more. So I laid my rifle down, took a few steps back into a little dip behind a large tree and began to relieve myself, well away from the rifle, but where I could still sort of see the trail.

    Just as I was finishing up, I heard a rustling through the fallen leaves and guess what came tromping down the trail. You guessed it. The porcupine. I was quite excited, but I silently zipped up and knew that this was going to be a simple and quick matter. I was wrong. I looked at the ground to find a quiet path back to my rifle, except, where was my rifle!?!

    I instantly flushed red as I realized that it was somewhere right in front of me, but I couldnt see it! Pride over the good camo job was not present. Only embarrasment over the situation and stress over failing to get the porcupine washed over me as I crouched there searching for my gun. The pressure continued to build.

    I tried, so quietly to find that rifle, but inevitably, the critter heard me and went trundling off into into the woods. I was so mad. Darkness was coming and I felt torn between chasing the damn thing with a stick and finding the rifle. But I knew that if I didnt find it right away, I might never find my rifle. I was so mad at myself that I could have screamed. My blood pressure must have been spiking because I felt stressed! I scanned and searched but I couldnt find the damn rifle anywhere, and I knew it was right by me somewhere!

    After a few moments of spinning I calmed myself down and started to search methodically for it. I actually had to do a grid search of the ground in an area of about 5 square meters to find it. All told it must have taken me about 20 minutes to find the rifle in a spot I must have looked at about 20 times. I can not describe the mix of relief and embarrasment I felt when I FINALY picked up the outline of the barrel in the leaves. Picking the rifle up, and brushing the leaves off of it, I went home in shame. I vowed to buy a sling for the damn thing tomorrow.

    When I got back to the house where my elderly friend and her loyal dog were waiting with hot coffee, she asked me how it went. I lied. Sort of....

    I told her I couldn't find anything.

    I guess the guilt of what really happened camoflauged the lie.

    And that is my story about camoflauge. Don't let those camo guns out of your sight!

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    Funny Camo Story

    One more funny story from bowhunting for deer.

    A couple of years ago I was set up in an improvised ground blind overlooking a worn deer trail.

    About an hour before dark I caught movement out of the corner of my eye so I froze and waited for the shape to materialize.

    After a moment a guy with some electronic equipment walked into view and proceeded until he was about 3 yards in front of me, right in the middle of my shooting lane. So, I thought no harm if he just walks through quietly my hunt still had a chance for the day. But he picked this little clearing to take a break, set down his equipment, pulled out a water bottle and starts drinking and looking around. I would have sworn he looked at me at least half a dozen times if not more! But absolutely no recognition at all!

    Finally, I had enough and just wanted him to move along, so the next time he looked at me I waved and put my finger to my mouth in a shushing motion. To say he was startled was an understatement, as he just stood there making some unintelligible blabbering noises and uncontrolled movements I got frustrated and started frantically waving for him to go away.

    He quickly scooped up all of his gear and headed off the way he was initially going.

    Now while I will never know for sure, the way he was walking away I am pretty sure our encounter "scared the crap" out of him literally.

    I just hope our meeting taught him to ask for permission from landowners next time wants to go for a walk in the woods!

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    Camo Tip

    Quick tip:

    I purposely take pictures of myself by walking into view of my trail cameras to see how effective my camo is.

    If I don't blend in I change up the pattern until I find something that works.

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