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Thread: PMC Ammo Is Here!

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    We've only got 10 x 10rnd boxes left, no case lots remaining.

    Check here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSE JR View Post
    You cannot compare us to a US ammo site.

    Our .50BMG has to circumnavigate the globe so that it does not enter or go anywhere near the USA as once "Homeland Insecurity" gets their mitts on it, it never leaves the USA.

    We had two shipments diverted at sea by US Customs and seized before we figured out what to do.

    This pushes up our shipping costs astronomically and is reflected in the price.

    Given that we single-handedly brought down the price of FACTORY, non-machinegun surplus .50BMG from $12-15 per round down to around $6 (if bought in bulk), I thought the crowd here would be happy.

    Never....not till I save up enough to buy the rifle..with the ammo...and I get to shoot the Canadian Tax Code for target practice :D:D:D

    wicked price though

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