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Thread: received my sks? no factory stamps/markings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndb86 View Post
    English: Samozaryadnyj Karabin sistemy Simonova
    Russian: Самозарядный карабин системы Симонова

    SKS in Russian means same as PAP in Serbian;
    Semi-Automatic Rifle would be basic / simplyfied translation.
    PAP ( Polu-automatska puska)
    Only difference is that Russian it means something like ;
    Selfloading rifle system and Simonov is constructor of firearm.

    Just received mine two hours ago,
    I dont care is it marked or now and to be honest less markings is better for me.
    Only thing i want from these rifles are that they are acctual surplus not civilian models,
    No refurb arsenal and that they shoot good. Everyone says they do and Marstar is saying that they are military production so that is all i need.
    Now after all advices for cleaning cosmo, which one should i try because it smells on 30-40 yrs of some army warehouse and cosmo mix.

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    I put on a Tapco stock on my Chinese SKS as soon as I got it It has all the markings though.
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    Here is some interesting things to know for those who know for sure everything they guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andurp View Post
    JayCee69 - I have two of these Chinese rifles without factory markings or Chinese characters as well.

    You can't date them. No one even knows the factory they're from. All we can say is that they're Military surplus and not refurbished. The Chinese embraced the SKS more than the Russians ever did, and they had several factories churning them out for at least 20 years. They made more than they know what to do with, and there's a pretty good chance they made so many so quickly that they lost track of, or possibly didn't even take any information pertaining to a lot of them. Even if they had impeccable records of every rifle and a nice little chart that helps decipher the serial numbers so we could date all the rifles they made, which is very unlikely in my opinion, they aren't sharing that information with us.

    I was quite interested in finding out why these rifles have no markings, but couldn't figure anything out and I asked all over the internet. Eventually, I accepted that I'll probably never know.

    Thank you for clearing that up for me! now theres less gray area! mine is a good rifle though! i do like the chinese spike bayonet over the russian. fits more trim to the rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayCee69 View Post
    Thank you for clearing that up for me! now theres less gray area! mine is a good rifle though! i do like the chinese spike bayonet over the russian. fits more trim to the rifle.
    Not a problem, glad to help. I also like the spike bayonet over the Russian blade, although the blade looks meaner. The spike actually produces some nasty wounds that take a very long time to heal when compared to what the blade can do. Certainly not something you'd want to get stabbed with. The spike is also a bit nicer as the blade adds weight and is a bit uncomfortable to rest your hand on for shooting.

    I own two Chinese SKS's, two Russians and a Yugo, so I love all SKS rifles, but the spike bayonet certainly is a favorite.

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    I used a heat gun and slowly melted and wiped all that nasty cosmoline away, finished with degreaser. Just be carefull with the stock as it can easily burn the wood. I refinished the wood so this wasn't a problem for mine. The two I purchased worked excellent despite the controversy over when and where they came from, definitely worth the $200 + shipping and tax!!!

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    Just to make certain we are clear on a few points....
    ALL of the SKS rifles came from the same factory....
    They are ALL early production
    Yes the markings differ with the various lots and productions dates....
    They were removed from the same Military storage depot under the direct supervison of our gunsmith
    ALL were sent to the processing facility we set up for this purpose, all under the supervision of our gunsmith....

    I hope this answers some of your questions....


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    I got mine a few weeks ago from Marstar and couldn´t be happier. It was brand spankin´ new. 0 tear down marks what so ever. Very tight tolerances and a bear to take down for cleaning. I took it up to the hunt camp for sight in and break in and it worked flawlessly even when the temperature dropped from raining to sub zero overnight. It went bang then bang and then bang again. It has the /25\ stamp with a short lug, screw barrel, and milled receiver. All numbers matching. Going to put a Williams Fire Sight and peep on it for controlled hunts during deer season. I am ordering another to keep stock. Thanks John!!!

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