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Thread: SKS ATI Stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxhunter11 View Post
    ..... CGN is Sh@t too, i spent 5 min replying to u and its cutting out a whole sentanse cuz of a word SH#t

    I had those problems and more!! So i feel you dude. ATI is sh#t. A sh#t that I paid for; but that’s no excuse to sell them to ppl “it’s not the JOB of a customer to be informed about YOU”R product”. I bought it from Target sport here in Toronto and unlike you they actually told me that it would be a perfect fit for my rifle thus it’s just a matter of taking the gung apart and replacing it with ATI. Yet I had to file down here and there and make it fit……
    Your spelling makes my head hurt.

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    I to purchased an SKS ATI Strikeforce stock, no problems. my questions is regarding the folding of the stock. Does anyone know if this makes it restricted due to overall length? if so I may have to put the stock that came with it back on as I do want to use this rifle to try and deer hunt with.

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