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Thread: New skorpion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wolverine View Post
    I leave for Mozambique tomorrow, I will be gone for two weeks, after I return I hope to have some definite news on the EVO 3 but it does not look good right now.
    A motorcade of black Mercedes wearing Zimbabwean licence plates can look a lot like a charging rhino. Just saying....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wolverine View Post
    The problem is having a semi auto design (EVO 3) approved by the RCMP. CZ cannot afford to allocate a lot of resources to the design and approval of a new firearm model for what to CZ is a very small market. The demand is not great for a high priced pistol caliber carbine that is limited to 5 rd mags. A small quantity sold raises the price and then the demand goes down, it is a vicious circle. Right now there is also a large quantity of pistol caliber carbines on the market, a lot using 10 rd pistol mags and most of them very affordable. As for the Bren, when military orders are filled CZ will be looking for new markets but then we will have a repeat of the EVO 3, will a semi auto design meet the Canadian standards.
    This is both interesting and frustrating to read. Frustrating because I was personally involved in a very significant way (as a lawyer) with the Type 97A carbine issue... and it now appears that this scenario will be played out with every "semi-automatic version of an automatic firearm". I personally believe that the results will vary from case to case, with the deciding factor being how much effort the manufacturer and importer put into the design of the semi-auto firearm in order to get it into compliance with the law, but the process will be appallingly long and frustrating in most if not all cases from now on. It is good to hear that Wolverine is well aware of the "new rules" of the game, and that it is absolutely crucial that the semi-auto sample which goes to the RCMP pass muster on the first try - as there will not be subsequent "tries" in my view.

    One of the things we learned in the Type 97A reference hearing in Vancouver was that the RCMP/Canadian Firearms Program changed their policy after the Type 97A situation (fiasco) regarding "semi-automatic versions of an automatic firearm". Such firearms won't be classified through a verifier anymore, as was done with with Type 97A. A working sample (of each model) must go to the RCMP in Ottawa now and, among other things, they have to make a determination on the "Hasselwander" issue (is it "readily convertible from semi‑automatic to fully automatic"). The Hasselwander issue, along with the "variant of a named prohib" issue are two of the biggest dangers to Canadian firearms owners, and especially to new types of "military-esque" firearms businesses are wanting to import.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't believe there is some big conspiracy to block the importation of new models of black/tactical/military-type firearms... and to do it on spurious grounds if necessary, but I do believe that the RCMP/CFP believes it is part of its duty to stop the importation of firearms - no matter what they look like - which are "readily convertible from semi‑automatic to fully automatic", as this concept (flawed as it is) is part of our law in Canada.

    For many of these firearms, like Type 97A and probably like the EVO3, Canada is going to be one of the only countries in the world where a semi-auto version can be made in a foreign country and imported for sale to regular old citizens. This means the market will be small (especially with a higher priced firearm), which means the temptation on both the part of the manufacturer and the importer will be to make the minimal amount of changes from the select-fire version to the semi-auto version (for cost reasons), and that is where RCMP/CFP comes in and (after 2 years of waiting around) says "no".

    Anyway, I offer my support wholeheartedly for your efforts Wolverine. I wish there were more people doing this kind of thing, putting in the leg work trying to bring more product to the Canadian market. But all you guys out there on CGN need to understand the complexity of the situation now. You can't just take out the full-auto trigger group and throw in a semi-auto trigger group. You basically have to have a purpose-built semi-auto receiver where the "attachment points" are different from the full-auto receiver, and that costs money... and the firearms are pricey to begin with... and the market is small... and those in the small market complain about the price.... and on it goes.

    For these kinds of projects you need to get it right the first time, as it seems you only get one chance. I fully believe that a firearm that looks like... anything.... looks like the current Chinese service rifle, looks like the pulse rifle from Alien, or even something that looks (at least vaguely) like an AK-47 or an MP5 could be imported to Canada... if it is done right. Sadly we have probably reached a point in this country where projects like this require not just work between the manufacturer and the importer, but a whole team including gunsmiths and (sadly) lawyers. The RCMP/CFP have won a few rounds of this, but I believe we could do more if we got our heads together. But then, I guess it comes back to.... the whole point of importing these things is to sell them to make some money, and the harder it is the more uneconomical it becomes. How many of the site sponsors here have lost a bundle on a project or two, and are now "gun shy" to try others. I can think of a few.

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    :O no new skorpion. That makes me sad, really wanted one of these.

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    It looks like I made the right call and got in on the Famae SAF's that are coming in.
    Still kinda sucks though....I was really looking forward to the new Skorpion.

    Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

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    That really sucks. The EVO 3 is probably the coolest looking gun I've ever seen, and I would have bought one for sure.

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    Not looking good is not the same as not happening...fingers crossed!!!

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    No Evo? Maybe no Bren?

    Crap. That's not good. I was really looking forward to these!
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