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Thread: CZ 858 Magwell adapters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1895GS View Post
    What kind of machining is required for the BT adapter in an 858-2?
    There's is a good question.

    Pics would be good.

    It would be great if Wolverine could offer this service. If so, I'll take a gun, adaptor and a butt load of mags.

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    The B&T AG Mag Well adapters are in Customs, not sure if we will see them before Christmas but they are “In Country”. Price Is $185.00 as soon as they are here they will be entered onto our web page and you will be able to purchase them on line.
    In the meantime I though you would like to see the following:

    John Hipwell
    Wolverine Supplies
    Phone: (204) 748-2454
    Fax: (204) 748-1805

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    This does not look like a DIY with a Dremel.
    There appears to be some serious material that has to be removed.

    Any reputable machinists in Ontario that can do this?

    What kind of warranty, if any is provided with this adapter?

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    What models does need to be modified? Does this applies to CSA carbines in 5.56 and 7.62?

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    Wow, that looks well outta my league for home modification.

    I'm hoping John can chime in on the mod's required.

    To be honest if the rifle needs to be sent out that makes me rethink the adapter.

    185 for the piece is one thing but sending the rifle out for work to get it fitted in addition to the purchase price would honestly be a deal breaker for me.

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    so if i buy this mag well adapter i have to mod my rifle? i have the full size rifle in 556.
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    pardon my noobness , but a magwelll adapter would allow us to carry more then the legal limit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1000101 View Post
    pardon my noobness , but a magwelll adapter would allow us to carry more then the legal limit?

    What it allows, is an individual to use the legal 10 rounder pistol mags in the rifles instead of the proprietary 5 rounders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1000101 View Post
    pardon my noobness , but a magwelll adapter would allow us to carry more then the legal limit?
    No, because the legal limit is the legal limit, and no one on this website is advocating breaking any laws.

    Rifle magazines for semi-autos are limited to 5 rounds. Rifle magazines for rimfires, even if semi auto, are not limited, and you could have a 100rd drum if they can be made to work well enough, but most stick with 25 round magazines. Bolt action and pump rifles are not limited by the law, but usually have limited capacity anyway.

    Handgun capacities are 10 rounds, regardless if it's centerfire or rimfire. This causes some problems for a couple of rimfires, because there are handgun variants of two rifles, the Charger and the S&W 1522.

    It just so happens there are some handgun magazines that will fit on some rifles...with 10 round capacities, and these are specifically listed as legal by the RCMP for civilian gun owners to own and use.

    Keep in mind, just about all other countries that allow civilians to own such rifles, like the USA, NewZealand, Switzerland, Finland, Norway...they don't restrict the magazine capacities, and so 25 and 30 round magazines are the norm for civilian ownership.

    Rifles similar to the VZ58 are often used in competitions that require higher capacities than our rifle laws allow. However by using this adapter, and using pistol magazines, now Canadians can participate in this growing sport at the global level, legally.

    But again, NO ONE IS BREAKING THE LAW in this thread.

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