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Thread: Team cssa e-news | march 29, 2018

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    Team cssa e-news | march 29, 2018

    TEAM CSSA E-NEWS | MARCH 29, 2018

    Have a Happy Easter!

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    In this issue!

    • Conservatives push for study on rural crime in wake of gun reform bill, Boushie shooting
    • Bob Zimmer: With tweet, Trudeau misleads Canadians on firearm rules
    • Here is an idea to keep guns away from criminals
    • Remington Files for Bankruptcy
    • MP Larry Miller Opposes New Firearms Bill
    • Battlefords RCMP to participate in gun amnesty program

    NEWS ALERT ON BILL C-71: The Liberal government has passed Second Reading on the bill and it has been referred to Committee. Be HEARD –– Act NOW!

    –– COMMENTARY ––

    CBC Gun Control Expert says Bill C-71 is a Gun Registry

    "After Justin Trudeau and Ralph Goodale went to extreme lengths to assure gun owners that Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, is not –– repeat not –– a gun registry, it seems not everyone got the memo."

    Francis Langlois, the CBC’s self-described “gun control expert,” shot down the government’s claim about Bill C-71.

    “While the registry might help police and government keep track of a firearm's first owner, it can't do much else," said Francis Langlois, a history professor at CEGEP Trois-Rivières, who studies firearm issues in the United States.

    Langlois said the proposed registry is inefficient because officers would still have to go to court to obtain a warrant for the information.

    "If the police [are] in a hurry, they won't be able to work rapidly, he said. The registry would also only show new purchases, Langlois said, not firearms that people already own.”

    Finally, the CSSA and CBC can agree – Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, creates a gun registry. Their own gun control expert confirms it.

    Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson welcomed “proposed legislation that aims to tackle a growing problem with gun violence.” Except Bill C-71 does no such thing. Not a single line of the legislation focuses on violent criminals or their misuse of firearms. The legislation adds layer upon layer of restrictions to licenced, law-abiding firearm owners, then creates new firearm classification categories (Section 12(9) to 12(14)) to implement future gun bans.

    Liberal logic on gun control goes like this:

    1. Leave violent criminals alone.

    2. Harass licenced, law-abiding firearm owners.

    3. Pretend we're doing something useful.

    It makes perfect sense –– if you lack the capacity for rational thought.

    It makes perfect sense –– if you lack the ability to focus on the source of the problem: violent criminals, drug dealers and gangs.

    It makes perfect sense –– if your goal is to be seen doing something instead of actually solving the problem of gangs, drug dealers and the violence they leave in their wake.

    It makes perfect sense –– if you do not care how many tax dollars you waste with your attack on Canada’s safest members of society to claim you “did something” while do nothing to solve the gang violence in our cities. Not a single measure in Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, deals with violent criminals.

    Here are seven questions the Liberal government refuses to answer:

    1. Businesses are forced to keep a record associating an individual person to an individual firearm. How is this not a gun registry?

    2. Which section of Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act, grants legislative authority to the RCMP to prohibit or restrict firearms?

    3. Where is the evidence proving the current 5-year background check fails its public safety objective?

    4. What are the criteria for the Licence Verification to be approved or denied?

    5. Please provide a list of all cases where public safety was harmed by the current Authorization to Transport conditions of: to/from a Gunsmith, to/from a gun store for Appraisal or Sale, to/from a Gun Show or to/from a Border Point.

    6. Why, after the RCMP’s long history of incorrect firearm classifications, has the power of our elected officials to correct mistakes made by the unelected and unaccountable RCMP been removed?

    7. Was a cost/benefit analysis completed on the implementation of Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act? If so, what did this analysis conclude?


    Stop The New Long-Gun Registry



    • Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, does nothing to tackle firearms violence, but rather adds further red-tape on law abiding firearms owners;
    • This legislation brings back the useless and ineffective long-gun registry; and
    • This legislation does not provide the resources to frontline police forces to tackle the true source of firearms violence : gangs and organized criminal enterprises.

    We, the undersigned, Residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to scrap Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, and to instead devote greater resources to policing in Canada.


    Sponsored by Rachael Harder, M.P.
    Lethbridge, AB
    March 28, 2018

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    Conservatives push for study on rural crime in wake of gun reform bill, Boushie shooting

    By Amanda Connolly | Global News | March 28, 2018

    Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs wants the government to launch a study at committee to look at rural crime.

    In a press conference Wednesday, Stubbs announced her private member’s motion which will call for a “comprehensive and current” analysis of crime rates in rural communities as well as whether law enforcement agencies have the resources they need to combat what she says is a growing problem.

    “Rural crime is the Number One issue I hear about from constituents in Lakelands,” Stubbs told reporters.

    “They [constituents] know more people who have been robbed than haven’t.”

    The motion by Stubbs comes one week after the government announced plans to tighten background checks on gun owners and require the mandatory vetting of gun permits by vendors before a sale.

    That legislation will also require businesses to keep records of their sales but that will not include private sellers.

    Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale billed the move as an effort to tackle gun violence in Canada but the opposition says the changes do nothing but place additional regulations on legal gun owners while doing nothing to address the concerns of rural Canadians.

    In criticism of the bill since it was announced, the Conservatives have focused their questions on the lack of provisions in it to address crimes like break-ins in rural communities.

    Stubbs said her motion would be a starting point aimed at finding measures to specifically help rural communities tackle crime.

    “This motion is a first step to making concrete recommendations to improving rural crime rates,” she said.

    Given the Liberals control the majority of seats in the House of Commons, Stubbs’ motion is destined for defeat but it comes in the wake of a broader discussion around gun control and rural crime in Canada.

    Last month, Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley was acquitted by an all-white jury of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Colten Boushie, a young Cree man.

    Boushie was shot in the back of the head while sitting in an SUV on property owned by Stanley in August 2016.

    Stanley gave evidence during his trial that his gun went off accidentally after he fired several warning shots to scare off Boushie and several others with him. Stanley said he thought Boushie and the others were trying to steal an all-terrain vehicle.

    The young people testified they had a flat tire and were looking for help.

    Racial tension plagued the case and the acquittal of Stanley prompted protests across the country; it also put a spotlight on police response times and the challenges farmers face in dealing with crime in rural areas.

    In March, RCMP in Saskatchewan announced a series of town halls on rural crime throughout the province.

    The goal of those was to hear concerns from the public, and questions about the legal limits of self-defence and property rights dominated those sessions.

    See the story HERE -->

    Bob Zimmer: With tweet, Trudeau misleads Canadians on firearm rules

    By Bob Zimmer | Alaska Highway News | March 26, 2018

    After a few weeks in our ridings, meeting with constituents, Members of Parliament returned to Ottawa and with great fanfare Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale introduced the Liberals’ new firearms legislation.

    As I have said before, I support legislation that will keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals. However, what the Liberals have proposed does very little to make our communities safer. Instead, this bill targets law-abiding firearms owners by adding more red tape to lawful firearms ownership and to people buying non-restricted firearms in Canada.

    Unfortunately, as my Conservative colleagues and I predicted, this legislation also includes the return of the long-gun registry. They have not only gone through the back door with a new reference system where every non-restricted firearm is going to need a reference number and be tracked by the registrar, but also deliberately handing, through the front door, a copy of the old long-gun registry data to the Quebec government.

    This is despite the fact that during the election campaign the Liberals promised that they would not re-introduce a long-gun registry. With this legislation it is clear that the Liberal government does not believe the rights of law-abiding firearms owners should be protected, or that they need to keep the promises they made to rural Canadians.

    It is important to remember that Canada already has a rigorous firearms safety system. Firearms owners must hold a valid firearms licence in order to acquire and possess a firearm. They must also pass the required Canadian Firearms Safety Course and undergo a thorough screening process as well as police background checks.

    I was surprised to see the Prime Minister’s tweet following the introduction of the Liberal firearms bill that said, and I quote:

    “…if you want to buy a gun, by law you’ll have to show a license at the point of purchase. Right now, that’s not a requirement.”

    The Prime Minister is giving the false impression that an individual can easily walk into a firearms store and purchase a firearm without showing their licence. Canadian firearms law Section 23 states that an individual must hold a firearm licence in order to purchase a firearm. And further, anyone who has recently purchased a firearm or ammunition (or even wants to simply look at a firearm at a local store) knows they must verify that they hold a licence by showing it to the salesperson.

    Keeping firearms out of the hands of violent criminals should be the number one priority of any new firearms legislation. This Liberal bill falls well short of that.

    As a firearms owner myself, I will continue to push for common sense legislation that focuses on the criminal element behind firearms violence, instead of targeting Canada’s law-abiding outdoor community.

    Bob Zimmer is the Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies.

    See the rest of the story HERE -->

    Here is an idea to keep guns away from criminals

    By Brian Lilley | On Your Side | March 28, 2018

    If I told you that there were hundreds of thousands of people in Canada that are barred from owning guns due to convictions of serious, often violent crime, would you think is would be a group that the government would monitor?

    Most people would likely say yes.

    Bizarrely, while law abiding, licenced gun owners need to keep their address up to date with police and are subject to daily computerized searches to see if the licence needs to be revoked, folks barred from having guns aren’t tracked at all.

    Now a petition on the Parliamentary website calls on the government to start tracking the more than 400,000 people barred from owning guns. The petition notes that gun owners must report address changes within 30 days while convicted criminals with the added stipulation of a ban on gun ownership, face no such requirements.

    See the rest of the story HERE -->

    Remington Files for Bankruptcy

    By Jon Stokes | | March 26, 2018

    We reported a while back that Remington was looking to file for bankruptcy, and today the news has broken that the venerable armsmaker has filed Chapter 11 in US court.

    Remington’s bankruptcy filing is being portrayed by partisans on the anti-gun side as some sort of victory in the gun control wars (it isn’t), and on the pro-gun side as the sad story of a once-great brand that just gave up on innovation and quality (also not the real story).

    The real story begins and ends in the same place as the recent bankruptcies of Toys-R-Us, the Sports Authority, and many other retailers that are currently in trouble: with private equity (PE).

    PE works as follows: they load up on debt in order to buy an existing business, then they put that debt on the books of the business they bought. So in Remington’s case, Cerberus borrowed to buy Remington on the premise that they could use the cash flows from Remington’s business to pay off the debt they borrowed to buy it.

    What typically happens in these cases is that in order to service the new debt load, the target company has to either increase sales, cut costs, or both. In Remington’s case, the company cut corners and costs, leading to a string of product problems and recalls. The bad PR drove down sales, and then the Trump Slump hit and they just couldn’t service their debt.

    So, they’re in bankruptcy court, which is where a shockingly high number of other consumer-facing businesses are going to find themselves in 2018. The company will reorganize, creditors will take a haircut, and it will hopefully emerge from bankruptcy protection with a reduced debt load and as a going concern.

    We wish Team Green the best in this difficult time, and we look forward to seeing a renewed focus on quality and innovation come out of this dark chapter in the brand’s history.

    See the Story HERE -->

    MP Larry Miller Opposes New Firearms Bill

    By Kevin Bernard, Regional | Bayshore Broadcasting News Centre | March 28, 2018

    The Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP says it is a backdoor attempt at a new gun registry.

    Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP Larry Miller is continuing to blast the Federal government over new Firearms legislation.

    Earlier this month, the Liberals tabled Bill C-71, which Miller says is an attempt to created a backdoor firearms registry.

    The Conservative Member of Parliament strongly opposes the bill and he took Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to task in the House of Commons Tuesday, March 27th.

    Larry Miller asked Goodale to explain how the new Bill is NOT aimed at a gun registry.

    He asked the Liberal Minister whether the Registrar for the program is not going to register guns.

    Miller jokingly asked if the Registrar was instead responsible for the menu in the House of Commons cafeteria.

    The Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP says Bill C-71 will leave the criminals and gangs who commit crimes with firearms unharmed, but will criminalize law-abiding hunters and sport shooters.

    Under the legislation all transfers, including those for non-restricted firearms such as long guns, will be issued a reference number by a “registrar”.

    Miller says every single transfer will be tracked and the data will be stored.

    He says the long gun registry was wasteful and ineffective and did nothing to combat gun violence.

    Ralph Goodale responded saying if the opposition has a better name for a Registrar, he would entertain a change in the title.

    See the story HERE -->

    Battlefords RCMP to participate in gun amnesty program

    By Roger White | Battlefords Now | March 27, 2018

    The Battlefords RCMP detachment will join police forces from around Saskatchewan in the first ever provincial gun amnesty program, which begins Thursday.

    The month-long program is designed to help provide residents with a safe way to dispose of unwanted, documented or undocumented firearms and weapons, as well as restricted or prohibited firearms that have not been used in a crime.

    “This amnesty will allow for residents to surrender these types of weapons without fear of prosecution of an unlicensed or unregistered weapon,” Battlefords RCMP Staff Sgt. Darcy Woolfitt said. "We will also accept replica firearms, military ordinances, chemical munitions, explosives and ammunition.”

    Last year the City of Regina held a similar amnesty program, which took in 157 guns in a two-week period. Based on that success, the decision was made to launch the initiative province-wide.

    “[In] many instances these firearms are passed down from family member to family member,” Woolfitt said. “Sometimes they are secured properly and other times they are not and they are just lying around a home. That’s when it provides an opportunity for a criminal who does a break-and-enter to gain possession of those firearms.”

    Battleford RCMP will pick up firearms, Woolfitt said, if someone wants to dispose of them but cannot transport them to police headquarters.

    “If there is an instance where this is required, we will dispatch two officers to the location and confiscate the weapon,” he said. “Again, the amnesty would not be applicable if it’s determined that the weapon that was surrendered was used during a criminal act.”

    The City of North Battleford made national headlines last fall when the community was named Canada’s most dangerous city despite seeing an eight per cent decrease in violent crime in 2016. Other Saskatchewan communities participating in the gun amnesty include Moose Jaw, Regina, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Weyburn, and Estevan.

    See the story HERE -->
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    Very well written and informative.
    Good Job Sir

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    Thank you for compiling this resource.
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    Petition signed.
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    over 12600 people have signed this petition since march 26 2018, keep at it guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by tobaman45 View Post
    over 12600 people have signed this petition since march 26 2018, keep at guys
    That’s it ? How £u€king lazy are People !? Get on it people and Fudds.
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    they know what they can do about this NR reference number bull####,LOL.,,there wont be to many guys complying with that horse#### on private sales,

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    BC is ahead by 9 signatures!

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    Where are all the signatures?? Let’s get this show on the road. My whole family is informed and actively participating in e-petitions and the letter sending campaign. Ok, so I’m constantly nudging the info over to them, so maybe they’re not THAT active. But I’m trying to make up for that.
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