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Thread: Hi Point Carbine

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    Brandon Mb.

    pink gun

    Yes thats a hot shot!


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    so has anyone got one yet? If so can they comment on accuracy out to 100yards/meters? 9mm in particular, but any cal would be good info. or if a thread with this info exists point me to it? I know they've been around for a while, kodiak had them before they went under. epps had had them for a while, etc, etc, but i just can't seem to find a range report around. Is it becasue they are so ugly no one wants to admit to owning one?
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    Do the .40 mags fit/work in the 9mm gun (loaded with 9mm of course)
    Legally could have ~14 rounds then... Just like beretta 92, and sig 226
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    Hi Point in 9MM TEST

    I have one .2 weeks old . mags are pinned at 5 rounds . 10 round pistol mag is NOT supposed to work in it.
    Regardless strips down easily . Stays relatively clean , as they state
    9MM 124 Gr FMJ accuracy at 25 meters is around 1.5 " at 50 meters about 2.5 " rested 147 Gr about same .
    Offhand at 25 meters you can hold at 1 to 2" groups with reloads. with supplied sights . easily adjusted
    No issues with rifle : trying to load over 5 into mag will jam the mag up good and will require a strip to get it going again.
    For 375 or so , works well for the first 500 rounds so far.
    Metal finish is average at best . Stock works well.

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    is the 45acp version the same price as the 9mm $375 ?
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    Nice gun. Too bad they never clued in by now that if they made a barrel 2 inches longer to be non-res for a canadian variant, they could of increased the price to $500-$600 per gun and they would of sold 10X's the amount or more of the U.S. version. A $500 carbine that looks this scary would of sold like hot cakes.

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