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Thread: Fenix flashlights

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    Mar 2010

    Fenix flashlights

    Happy Holidays!!

    We now have the full line of FENIX Flashlights IN STOCK
    Use discount code CGN11 to get your 5% off internet orders. Or in store.

    Thank you to all CGN members for your support


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    Feb 2011
    Great lights!
    ive had one for about 6 or 7 years and still works great!

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    Jan 2005
    in my opinion the BEST you can get. Been using the LD40 for a few months, it has 4 settings and you will not accidently hit any of the buttons and find your light dead 2 days later.

    At lowest setting it lasts for...wait for it...245 HOURS! At highest setting it will light up my 1/2 acre yard like an operating room. It uses 4 AA that go in an ingenious little pack. I have switched ALL my lights to AA. Tried all the other hightech 14450 etc, they are great but try to get some in the middle of nowhere. AA are super cheap if you catch a sale.

    I cant say enough about the LD40. One other thing, it will not roll off a table due to its design and its very comfy in the hand. Just buy 2, you will not regret it. The LD 10 is also great for every day carry, I swear by this light. Only uses 1 AA and is stupidly bright!

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