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Thread: New Ruger Rifle

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    I would like to see more of a selection of cals being offered. How about 260, 7mm-08, 25-06. I'd buy one of these new Rugers if one of these were available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BioPace View Post
    Easy there 10 posts.

    Where's that picture of the clip magazine when you need it....
    Kinds of like when Remington lists them as "magazine clip" now.


    I believe the definition of a magazine versus a clip has been given, but I grew up calling a magazine a clip before I knew better from the army. I also used the word ain't back then, funny thing is now, both have seem to become acceptable to use by all but the grammer nazi's.

    Or from the NRA website
    A device for holding a group of cartridges. Semantic wars have been fought over the word, with some insisting it is not a synonym for "detachable magazine." For 80 years, however, it has been so used by manufacturers and the military. There is no argument that it can also mean a separate device for holding and transferring a group of cartridges to a fixed or detachable magazine or as a device inserted with cartridges into the mechanism of a firearm becoming, in effect, part of that mechanism.
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