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Thread: New targets design available

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    Hostage targets - with a large-ish "hostage, and small head-sized/head-shaped targets on either side of the "hostage" - would be nice.

    Edit: Nevermind - I see you already have them on your website. Though a head on both sides would be better, twice the use of the target.
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    Yo dat first target be stait up racist
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada Targets View Post
    Gents, We really appreciate your support.

    Our prices may seem high on smaller amounts, that is because Shipping is expensive and we want you to know the cost up front, so that we are fair to you.

    Our targets are produced by a local print shop(owned by a family man) at a fair price to them and Us.

    Our targets are designed by professional animators (a husband and wife team that has two young sons) and we make sure they are paid a fair price.

    We could go overseas and get an inconsistent product and/or we could pound and grind with our designers and suppliers to get lower prices. But our preference is to support the people in our country and be a company that our customers respect and other companies want to deal with.

    to put the price in perspective:

    9mm = .20/rd x 8 = 1.60
    .40 = .25/rd x 8 = 2.00
    .45 = .25/rd x 8 = 2.00

    Prices are based off of www.canadaammo.com home page and no there isn't a connection between us, if you shoot .45ACP i would buy some at that price.

    We are a new company, our hope is to serve you in every way that we can. We aren't able to do it for free nor are we going to do it by stepping on others; that doesn't make sense.

    We thank you for your continued support.
    Everyone has his/her own point of view on this and I'll add in my two cents. I am more than willing to buy your targets at what I consider a good price as I will not only be supporting a local and honest dealer, but three other Canadian families as well. This site is about local community building for the betterment of all. I for one will pay it forward willingly while looking forward to new products.

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