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Thread: normal targets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pubb View Post
    Lots of clubs have that rule. Some posts have even claimed law enforcement agents told them it was illegal to do so (I'm not saying its true, I'm just saying the posts were there..)

    I checked with our Chief Firearms Officer and was told that there is no law against it but that the Cnaadian Firearms program does not support or encourage their use. It's a choice made by each range to allow them or not.
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    Personanly i've been looking for some non-pc targets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peter pepper View Post
    Personanly i've been looking for some non-pc targets.
    That's the spirit Peter... and We would be happy to oblige you.

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    I shoot those black(can I call them black? cause they are black,although if the sun hits it just right,they can be deep purple) silhouette targets all the time...if it hurts someones feeling or they are offended....well.....I take the target down and put up the same target,but upside down...then if they bithc....I tell them it is a paddle target.If they call bullshti...I call them racist pigs and they have no place on the range!!!!!! hehehehehehe

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