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Thread: Looking for a sling for your XCR?

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    Looking for a sling for your XCR?

    We have found this a regular question from customers, “how can I attach a sling to my XCR”?

    Depending on the age of your rifle and what buttstock/stock adapter you have installed, there are a few options.

    Original ACE Stock

    This stock has a loop on the back of the receiver designed to install an HK style snap hook. This would be ideal to 1) use a single point sling or 2) use a 2 point carry sling.

    1913 Rail Mount Front Attachment Point: Daniel Defense
    FAB Defense

    Single Point Sling: Specter Gear
    FAB Defense

    Newer model ACE Stock

    This rifle has a hole in the top of the receiver designed to install a push button sling swivel. Ideal for using a single point sling.

    Push Button Sling Swivel: Daniel Defense

    NEW FAST Stock

    The new Fully Adjustable Stock also has a hole on the bottom of the stock designed to install a push button sling swivel. This is designed to use a single point sling also.

    NEA Stock Adapter

    If you are using an NEA stock adapter on your rifle you will have additional mounting points for push button swivels.

    DLASK Stock Adapter

    Dlask XCR M15 Stock Adapter

    Dlask XCR Ambi Sling Plate

    If you are using a DLASK stock adapter there is an ambi sling plate which can be used in conjunction with the adapter. This will give you a loop which you can attach an HK style snap hook.

    Hope this helps!
    If you have any questions please call or e-mail:

    Phone: (204) 748-2454
    E-mail: sales@wolverinesupplies.com

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    You should sticky this. I will come back to purchase when $$ available. You have no idea how useful a post like this is....or you do

    Post one for shotties too

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    Puttin in an order this week for a sling and fab defence bipod :D.

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    Mine is on the way!!!!!

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