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Thread: Norinco M1 carbine, is it possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOldSarge View Post
    and legal in certain American States.
    Norinco is banned for import in the States. So no market for them there. There is already the Khar/Auto Ordonance M1 that are available..why wait for a maybe Norinco ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkrainc View Post
    Sure it works, but I think it has been explained earlier. The 30 carbine ammo is quite a bit pricier, and a little harder to find. I personally didn't care for stressing about losing the brass.

    With it chambered in the tt round, I just plink, then sweep my area clean. I also don't care to reload for a semi-auto. Lots of work for such a short duration of fun. SKS type fun for even cheaper.

    Each to his own, I say. It suits me better re-chambered. I would buy a semi auto in this round if I could find one. I couldn't find one, so I built one. I also plan on building a bolt gun in this same round, just because I want one and as far as I know, they don't exist.
    That would be pretty fun.
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    I know this is an old thread, but regarding rechambering the M1 Carbine in 5.56 NATO, 7.62x39mm and 7.62 NATO, Ingram did exactly that sometime in the 1970s.

    They use AR mags, AK mags and FAL mags, respectively.

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    Might need to source .30 carbine before bringing in more M1 carbines.

    It aint cheap, It aint easy to get.

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    7.62 NATO and 5.56 in an M1? Pretty hot stuff!

    Now .300aac would be a small but nice upgrade.

    I last saw m1 ammo at cabelas for just north of $30/50. I began reloading after a few boxes of that. Actually if you consider the cost of new brass a case could be made where its just as economical to buy the factory loads for the brass. Once you deduct the worth of the case the powder n ball in there is pretty cheap.

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