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Thread: Norinco M1 carbine, is it possible?

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    Anything is possible with NORINCO, if there is some profit to be made

    The M305 is a fine example of what they can do.

    It's cheaper to produce than an M1 Garand or Carbine but I'm sure they could cut corners if there was enough demand.

    Rumor has it that they won't be shipping any more M305s to North America. I honestly don't know if that's true.

    I remember Marstar was going to bring some in from Italy (3 X the price) but that seems to have evaporated as well. Maybe, they were trying to get into the US markets?

    Norinco Garands and M1 Carbines would be very nice at reasonable prices, like the M305.

    $350-$400 would be a very decent price for a newly manufactured Garand or non restricted Carbine.

    As for the Carbines being chambered in 7.62x25, they would have to modify the piston assembly under the barrel. The way it's made and pinned would make it very hard to clean out the corrosive elements in the surplus ammunition.

    Leave well enough alone. It works very well the way it was first built.

    I've seen two of the M1 Carbines that Lever Arms brought in several years ago.

    Both of them were barely operable. The operating pistons were extremely rusty and the bores were pitted/without any rifling visible.

    If enough M1 Carbines come into the country, the ammunition will follow and be readily available.

    A nice 38 Super would be nice though.

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    I'd *love* one in 223

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    I wonder how the US would allow them to be imported? Don't they have some import rules that make it very hard for Chinese firearms to enter the country? Well if the parts are somewhat interchangeable like say on the M305, I'd buy one!

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    Unlike the M14, several American companies such as Auto-Ordanance, Universal, Plainsfield and others, starting producing the M1 carbine immediately after WWII, flooding the market with aftermarket carbines along with the surplus USGI ones. There are still many around at reasonable prices. If there was still a market for them I think some of these companies would have continued to make and market them

    An interesting item I came across in 'War Baby II' was a section that talked about M1 carbines made by the Chinese in the 40's. Apparenetly the Americans gave the Chinese carbines along with tooling to make there own. Called the 'Copycat' for obvious reasons, it sported Chinese markings and was used in the ensuing war between the Nationalists and Communists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by romurra View Post
    .223/.556 NATO would suit me!
    i would be all over one in the chambering! or a 30 cal.

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    Having owned a carbine as one of my first guns, I can say it is incredibly simple. Wong Fei and Hung Lo Fat would have no trouble reverse engineering the essentials.

    - 18 1/2 or 18 3/4" barrel
    - forged receiver
    - machined bolt (dog $hit simple engineering on this part)
    - cast and finish machined trigger group
    - slap dash stamped magazines (hardly the same work requirement compared to the M305 mags)
    - presentation grade Chui wood stocks
    - new production Norinco .30 carbine ammo and we've got a new sales pitch arms race!
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    Quote Originally Posted by romurra View Post
    .223/.556 NATO would suit me!
    Get a mini-14 then, pretty much the same rifle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcsteve View Post
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    This is why we need to get rid of the barrel length requirement for semi-auto centerfires.

    The 18.5 inch requirement was an attempt to get rid of the M1 carbine as a popular opition for Canadians.

    So when can we eliminate the barrel length requirement and just use OAL?
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    clone of the Russian PPSH-41 (7.62x25) in semi-auto only............
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    Quote Originally Posted by 90irocjustin View Post
    Get a mini-14 then, pretty much the same rifle.
    But one made by Norinco would be more accurate.:D

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