To all,

As the owner of Target Sports Canada, I’ve watched the drama of “Shilgate” unfold and to be honest, it’s now very very very tiresome.

I have now started to receive threatening emails that until I “certify” that all of my employees are not engaging in this practice, no more business will be coming my way.

These PMs “demand names”.

To be clear:

All employees of TSE that are authorized to speak on behalf of TSE have “TSE” in their CGN “handle”. Target Sports Specific employees have Target in their CGN “handle”.

Since January 2010 (yes for over 2 years) the Edge Group (Target Sports and The Shooting Edge) have had a “Social Media and Networking Policy” that every employee reads, signs and is expected to adhere to. Specific sections of this policy prohibits such activities as it would damage the reputation of TEG.

I am NOT going to ask or post my employee’s CGN names as they are of a personal nature and none of my business nor are they anyone else’s.

However, I am going to make sure that all employees re-read the policy and use “Shilgate” as an example of what the unintentional consequences can be if they fail to follow this policy.

If anyone on CGN believes a TSE employee is engaged in any such “antics”, I invite them to inform me asap and to let the moderation staff aware of these activities as they are NOT encouraged or condoned by the management of TEG.

However, with the same breath, as we have all made mistakes both personally and in business, I am not prepared to “throw NEA under the bus”.

I believe the apology was sincere and the actions due to frustration and a lapse in cognitive thought.

I will continue to support CGN and NEA.

We have an opportunity here for us to all learn from this situation. It’s now time to put it to bed and carry on.