Contract overruns! Left over from a cancelled contract! Our misfortune is your fortune!

The JB Plate Carrier was designed by Line of Fire to specifications put forth by famed Toronto Swat member Jim Bremner for Toronto's "Guns and Gang Unit". This carrier will hold two 10 x 12 hard plates as well as "Toronto cut" soft inserts. It can be used with hard and/or soft armor or no armour at all! Generous MOLLE/Pals on the front for modularity making this carrier ideal for LE and Security Pro's as well as 3 Gun Match Shooters.

We have just 21 size large remaining in stock and we are blowing them out for $179.99. That's $90.00 off the original price when you purchase via phone order, or at our Check Point Charlie Survival Supply retailer. You can order by calling our toll free number: 1-855-464-1333.

(Please Note: As this is a contract item, supplies are limited. Size Large only. All sales are final.)